Listen To ‘Free Lunch Mixtape’ By Maximum Karnage-Music for an Awesome Experience

Free Lunch Mixtape’ by Maximum Karnage-music takes the term mixtape to a whole new level. From the offset of the song, the music lays out a manic darkness that surrounds fans with layers and layers of good music. All the songs provoke thoughts and have several musical elements intact in them. The music is too good that reflects the mindset and energy of the artist.

The songs are vibrant and intense with every beat and tunes making it seem better than it is. The songs are filled with surprises and heavy soundscape that offers more distorted guitar tunes and cascading riffs with delicate synths. The beats of the songs leans in the direction of EDM or Dubstep more than anything else. The tracks have a retro tune which works well to create fully theatrical or cinematic audio experience.

The hit of the music with leading performances have an amazing driving force and great ingredients of hip hop and rap. If you want to understand better, listen to ‘Divide’, ‘Drift’, ‘Devoured’, ‘Sacrificed’, ‘Long Kiss Goodnight’, ‘The Life (Free version)’, ‘Cookies’ and many more songs by Maximum Karnage-music. ‘Free Lunch Mixtape’ offers an escape from everyday life and blows your mind. Songs are available on Soundcloud.

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