Let's Get Trippy with Hefe Heetroc in the New Video "Shr00mz"

Shot on a cell phone with a selfie stick....almost seemed to add the perfect effect to make Hefe Heetroc's new video "Shr00mz" stand out. With a different sound of beat and style of flow, combined with the colorful effects and crazy "selfie" faces made, you actually feel "shroomed" out. The music Hefe makes almost always carries a sound unheard of, which is a great thing to hear in an industry of blatant copy cats.

The music has a sound that gave memories of of 90's Cypress Hill mixed in with a new age twist. Creating, in our opinion, some excellent and fine tuned music for listeners tired of hearing the same thing over and over. We have heard some refer to Hefe as a disenfranchised stoner with a mutant rap gumbo of different styles, fused together. And after checking out "Shr00mz", we say him and his music couldn't have been described better.

"Shr00mz" is the single release from Hefe's upcoming project, " Inoculare: Intersecting Dimensions", which has a release date set for January 1st, 2017 under Heetroc's label "Kn0-Th30RY WRECK0RDS." The song is also available via itunes. You can also keep up with the latest releases from Hefe Heetroc on bandcamp, twitter and more.

Check Out the "Sh00mz" video

"My Shr00mz video is now on the Roku streaming TV channel "Untapped Music Video Network". https://my.roku.com/add/255HTX" -Hefe Heetroc

Click here to get "Shr00mz" on itunes today

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RELEASE DATE: 01-01-2017

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