A short time ago three 2017 pandora charms ambers with bugs were listed at Great Lakes Boutique. They’re retailing at $275 which is the same bracket as the giant carved ambers but actually compared to the secondary market this is quite reasonable.
One of the reasons I love amber so much, remembering it tends to be the type with a lot of inclusions that appeals to me, is the fascination of what’s lurking inside. These are like their own little microcosms of flora and fauna dating back millions of years. I find the whole notion so exciting.

Though there’s a lot to look forward to during September, I’m feeling slightly at a loss in regards to what to feature on the blog at the moment. None of my Ohm Beads September beads have arrived and I’m still missing a lot of designs from earlier releases. We have the pandora sliver charm 2017 collection in just a couple of weeks but I don’t want to begin the reviews too early when none of my readers can actually order the beads. If editorials feel a little random over the next few days, this is why.It’s only recently that I got a chance to play with Trollbeads jumbo uniques so they’re still quite a novelty to me. There are times when colour combinations come together by accident and that’s the backstory of today’s bracelet.

At the start of the year leather bracelets of pandora UK launched a capsule collection of ready to wear pieces marketed as Say Hello to Trollbeads. These bracelets and bangles were all offered at a promotional price (and the pricing has been extremely good,) to encourage new collectors to the line. Shortly after the USA followed suit naming their version Falling in Love with Trollbeads. I’m a huge fan of gemstones to begin with and the prices of these sets are very appealing even to veteran collectors.

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