Its a great oppurtunity to recieve an amazing player!

As one would expect from a Striker with 91 passes, he could also deliver some fine moves and aids. I didn't have much

The  of a opportunity to test his crossing (though he is taking my turns today, but I am not so good at this... well... not much for me personally ). But driving is really good.

Obviously you've got a terrible score from time to time FIFA 19 Coins, that's the match, but it seems really smooth. The next player he'd like to compare to is Messi, of course, but for me he has done much better than the Messis basemap, not only within this category, but entire.

The weak point of the map. He's as weak as you would anticipate. His high balance and agility help him a little in a few scenarios, but overall, you can not expect to continue to defenders or something similar to that. Should they reach you, then you eliminate the ball. Additionally, because he's so modest, he will not win you any headers... ever.

Again, really, what you would expect when looking at the map figures. Just really excellent. I struggled a bit with all the directions to him and found his place to be the best, together with the instruction of the target man . Not to keep defender, but to find the ballturn and move on with the match and use his outstanding abilities (shoot, dribble, over).

If you are looking for something cheap (at least for what you buy ) players together with clinical finish, brilliant dribbling, and good passing play, he is the guy for you, provided that it is possible to take care of his low intensity and feeble mind. But if you want a fast, nimble dribbler... go for it. You won't be sorry.

How it works: You either go to the distinctive packs section or the normal section.Here you can buy any package you'd like from 15k up to 1.2million. A TOTW pack wil comprise a guaranteed TOTW participant of the week. Its a fantastic oppurtunity to recieve an wonderful player!

Say for instance you open a 400k Premier league  FIFA Hot topic TOTS pack and receive 90 Mané. The Mané card will be added to a member center accounts, and from there you are able to withdraw the participant to your account. If you fillled on your account details. So we are able to set the player into your Ultimate Team club. You can also sell the participant back to the site for the given value on site. Which is pretty up-to date!

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