is an antioxidant, it can effectively protect often the retina from

During the last few years, the provincial cash of Hefei, a straight line of temperature, so that people suddenly feel the feeling into the summer. A lot of treasure dad treasure mom take the baby out, give the baby put on "cool" sunglasses, feel so that can give the child modeling, but also to protect the eyes, however , the practice of science? Let us listen to the Anhui Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine dr ..
Premature wear sunglasses affect visual development
The human retina in the macular region is the most abundant eyes collected information, the most sensitive area at birth, Replica Ray Bans
retinal macular area has not been formed, until 4 years old is fully formulated, the baby's visual progress needs appropriate light pleasure, but the baby of the cornea and lens than older delicate, so parents include consciousness well baby vision sunscreen is correct. "
Shi Hong reminder, children within 6 years old should not have on sunglasses. For children below a few years old the visual feature is not mature, the need for considerably more bright light and clear photographs of the stimulus, long time sporting sunglasses, macular area cannot be effectively stimulated, thus which affects the further development of imaginative and prescient vision.
Special attention is needed, some mothers and fathers give their children choose sun shades, only pay attention to sunglasses model is cute, less accurate on the quality of the len's and the production process, but not only can not block UV Sun shades scored, but will make the individuals dilate, cause eyes process more ultraviolet light, wear a long time will cause harm in the eyes of a child.
Do eye care for parents of children should do
Too strong sunlight will cause burns to the baby's retina, affect the development of vision, for adult cataract and macular degeneration and other eye diseases hidden dangers. However , this kind of sun exposure on infant vision damage is gradually accumulated and attack, easily overlooked by parents, which is also one of the causes of preschool children amblyopia, myopia and other eye diseases.
The history of Hong suggested that parents take the baby out, should be chosen with the visor awning stroller or baby wearing a wide brim to the sun. In addition , the baby with the best choice of outdoor sports ultraviolet light is not strong time period, resist the noon 12 into the maximum time of ultraviolet radiation at 2 k. m..
In addition , you can start from diet, the baby to add considerably more rich in lutein, dark vegetables. Dark green vegetables help vision health lutein is an antioxidant, it can effectively protect often the retina from oxidative deterioration, so eat more fresh vegetables rich in lutein can think of yourself as00 protect the eyesight of youngsters.

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