Incredible Mandy Ativador Download [addons]

Incredible Mandy Ativador Download [addons]

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About This Game

Incredible Mandy explores the memories of a brother and sister, buried deeply within their dreams; every dream represents an untold secret.

Experience a fantastic adventure across vast landscapes. From mountain peaks to deep canyons, from sea shores to hidden corridors, search for clues and solve innovative puzzles; use the sword in your hand and the wisdom of your mind to challenge overwhelming foes. Can you pierce through the mist of dreams and discover the unexpected truth?


  • Elaborate Environmental Puzzles

Explore eight radically different levels, each filled with dozens of puzzles. Every puzzle is designed around a level’s unique environment; to solve the puzzles you need to master mechanics and learn from progress.

  • Outwit Your Foes in Boss Fights

Use your wisdom to triumph in 8 compelling boss fights. The most important rule: Don’t try to win solely by force. Each boss has weaknesses. They’re easy to spot, but knowing when and how to exploit them is the key to effectively overcoming these deadly foes.

  • Recover Long Lost Memories

There are many treasure chests scattered throughout the game world, and they’re sometimes difficult to find. Once opened you will earn precious pieces of memories. Collect them and unveil the complete picture of a touching story, and the secrets of Mandy and her older brother.

Incredible Mandy delivers a creative, innovative and exciting adventure, offering about 15 hours of gameplay in a typical playthrough. a09c17d780

Title: Incredible Mandy
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Dotoyou Games
Dotoyou Games
Release Date: 26 Nov, 2018


  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 2310 2.9 GHz / AMD FX-6300
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 550 Ti 1GB/ Radeon 6950 1GB
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Any

English,Simplified Chinese

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Really wonderful game, I haven't finished it yet but so far i am loving the story, the controls are smooth, and the graphics\/arts are lovely.. I've enjoyed what I've played so far and can't wait to play more. Love the art style, music, the puzzles are interesting and can be quite clever at times. The animated cutscenes are gorgeous and the story has me interested, especially if you find the comic collectables.. Really wonderful game, I haven't finished it yet but so far i am loving the story, the controls are smooth, and the graphics\/arts are lovely.. A fairly decent platformer game. Especially pastel-like graphics are impressive. BGM is also great for listening. Puzzles and actions are in proper and natural harmony. Animation also makes the game more interesting. If this game is the developer's first steam game, he has good potential. Maybe, Of the indie games released this week, it is the most worthy of note.

*Nyanco Channel (Steam Curator) ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿 This is not game this is masterpiece. A masterpiece. Nuff said.

Version 1.0.2 Release Notes:

-Increased assisted aiming sensitivity of the target sword in the robot's hand in the final boss fight

Bug Fixes

-Fixed a positioning bug by disabling dodge ability when the player is captured by the spider boss
-Fixed an AI path finding issue caused by inconsistent bridge connectivity while it's moving
-Fixed a orientation bug of the player while aiming in the final boss fight
-Fixed a bug in the final boss fight when the player is hit by shock wave while aiming
-Fixed a bug of aiming crosshair in the final boss fight
-Fixed a bug of Purification of Heart achievement caused by loading saved games
. Demo Version 0.9.4 Release Notes:

- Optimized sword memory usage, rewrote sword connection logic
- Modified UI after player death
- Optimized performance of player footstep effects
- Optimized performance of input detection
- Modified aiming action details
- Modified initial MP value of player

Bug fixes

- Fixed a bug of short tentacle in boss fight cannot be nailed by sword
- Fixed an animation bug on boss’s head
- Fixed hanging projectile bug in boss fight
- Fixed a bug of player turns transparent and won’t restore after boss attack
- Fixed some bugs of cutscene camera movements
- Fixed a serious of bugs related to player crouching
- Fixed a bug of player movement sound not attracting enemy while locking camera on it
- Fixed a bug of sword not floating behind player while climbing ladders
- Fixed ladder climbing detection sensitivity. Demo Version 0.9.6 Release Notes:

- Reset all treasure chests after starting a new game
- Highlight current selected option in language menu
- Changed particle effects on energy butterfly for better visibility
- Optimized action sequence of aiming

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a cloth physics issue causing the game to become unresponsive
- Pre-embedded swords now connect with other swords within range
- Returning to main menu from pause menu no longer forces full screen. New Climbing and Collision Patch + Jump Button:
New patch is live:

Updated all collision- Maps should be more forgiving with reactive physics like guns and grenades, as well as more forgiving on what you can climb (more like Sorrow)

Jump Button- Tentatively added, for VIVE its the right button on your non movement touchpad (the one that drops mags) and on OCULUS its up on the joystick with the same buttons

As always: JOIN OUR DISCORD Demo Version 0.9.14 Release Notes:
It's been quite a while since the last update of Incredible Mandy demo version. We've made a lot of changes and optimizations to the gaming experience. An incomplete list is as follows:


- Removed Lock Camera action, added Dodge action. The default key/button to Dodge is E/RT, Draw Bow is moved to Q/LT
- Tutorial text changes
- Some treasure chests contain items to increase the player's health bar
- Boss tentacle flashes before attack
- Added countdown sound effect to Light Gates and Light Pillars that are functional for a limited time
- Other new sound effects and music

Bug fixes

- Numerous player action bug fixes
- Fixed camera position bugs when game is loaded from a save
- Fixed SPOIL ALERT boss tail distortion bug that causing the game to be impossible to proceed
. Incredible Mandy PC Demo Available for Download on Steam:
Today we're very excited to announce that Incredible Mandy PC demo is available for download on Steam.

We wish you a fantastic trip in this freshly-built demo version, and give a first glance at the mysterious game world. If you like it don't forget to add it to your wishlist and follow our game updates. Please feel free to leave comments below and post in the community forum. We're looking forward to your feedback.. Version 1.1.1 Release Notes:

-Modified flying speed of energy butterflies, they will come to the vicinity of the character faster
-Record game progress right after the boss card collection screen has shown instead of when loading a subsequent scene
-Added some tutorial texts in Huge Woods, Sea Tower Part 1, Snowy Peak and the final boss fight
-Added explosion effect for the crystal in Sea Tower Part 1

Bug Fixes

-Fixed a bug of game clearance time calculation; if the player has beaten the game in time the achievement will automatically unlock the next time you run the game
-Enlarge the sister cutscene trigger in Floating Castle so the cutscene won’t be skipped
-Fixed an issue in Floating Castle that the fan may blow the character across the wall
-Fixed a bug in the lizard boss fight which may cause the central pillar to fall down multiple times in phase 2
-Fixed a bug in Sea Tower Part 1 that the sister won’t disappear after loading save from the collapsed bridge
-Fixed a bug in Sneak Valley which may cause the cutscene camera to get stuck
-Fixed an issue in Stars Lake that a light handle may be disabled too early
-Fixed a bug in warrior boss fight that the warrior may not attack after jump in phase 1 and 2
-Hide version number when playing animations from the collectibles menu
. Small Patch Incoming:

Updates to main branch are:

Minor improvements to controls- Fixed the jump button on oculus also being the slide forward button

Return To Load Out Menu Button- Don't like your guns? Just forfiet a life and return to the load out room, pick your new guns, and go continuing your murder spree.

More Minor map fixes to collision- fixed some areas that you should have collided with but didn't!. New update now live:
New build is Live!
-New LIV plugin fix to hide body mesh. Should work for both Oculus and Vive
-Elevators in Mercy Medical
-Updated collisions on Sorrow
-RPG added. can be found the same way as traps
-Grenade launcher added can be found same as traps
-Misc bug fixes

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