Of course, ESPN still came up with a solution. They invented a system called Dominance Share Dominance Sharing Value, which is used to accurately calculate the dominance of the team into numbers. This system seems quite complicated. In short, it is divided into two steps. The first step is to NHL Coins unify the different sports with quantitative standards so as to ensure that all sporting standards measured in all seasons are the same.

In the second part, the championship team of nearly 20 years of different projects was calculated using the sharing value of the dominance represented by the standard deviation. From the highest to the lowest, we ranked this list in our current hands. Take the example of the 2016-17 season Golden State Warriors we know best. The Warriors averaged 115.9 points per game and lost 104.3 points. Based on the gold weight of the winning game, the Warriors average season win was 11.35. Points, which translate into a standard deviation of 2.71,. In the championship team after 97-98, the standard deviation is 2.40. Therefore, the Warriors topped the list with a dominant share of 2.40. The U.S. women's basketball team's dominance share at the end was 1.29.

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