In the right half of the semi-final

The challenge was that Kyle Schwab was tempted to be a little fat, and Rosen bluntly said that the big leagues did not have much of this continuous swing home run. Schwab slammed 12 home runs with 1 minute and 32 seconds left to apply for a timeout, and the promotion of frankly shook the confidence of Hoskins to seal the victory in advance. In the 4 minutes of the race, Schwab rushed 21 home runs, not even using the play-off to win 30 seconds. Rosen praised the home run for the second round of climax. The first round of climax belongs to MLB18 Stubs the cloth. Les Harper debuts at home.

In the right half of the semi-final, Max-Mancey took the lead but the first three were bad shots. Rosen bluntly said that Mansi was just starting to find a point. Mansi applied for a timeout when he scored 7 home runs with 1 minute 53 seconds left. Rosen's rumors that if he couldn't blast 440 feet, he should improve the success rate of the race within 4 minutes. As a result, Mansi will finalize the results. It is not ideal to have 12 home runs. Rosen commented that Mansi had problems with rhythm due to physical decline.

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