In addition to these graphic enhancements

Graphics enhancements introduced with the Dagor Engine 5.0 include technologies such as Global Illumination (GI) and Contact Shadows. Coupled with more realistic weather, fog and smoke effects, War Thunder is visually more alive and detailed. Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA), an anti-aliasing algorithm that dramatically reduces the visual "noise" of distant vegetation, smoothes the appearance of objects and adds more detail to  War Thunder Golden Eagles surfaces while consuming less performance than traditional anti-aliasing algorithms. In addition, landscape modeling has been enhanced through the addition of relief visual effects through displacement mapping, thereby enriching the visual diversity of the environment. Roads, for example, now have potholes, ruts and puddles of water or mud, depending on the weather and the type of terrain. These landscape changes are visible to players regardless of their graphics settings.

In addition to these graphic enhancements, the sound effects in play have been completely reworked. Each firing effect is now created from several sound layers corresponding to the peak and residual effects. Thus, experienced tankers are now able to determine the caliber of the gun that fired, even at great distances. The sound effects themselves have received additional details, so that players can now hear the sound of the casings falling when they fire, or the reloading mechanisms of their guns in action. The sounds of planes are more vibrant and powerful. Further improvements are planned in future updates.

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