If everything went well, head to mmoah, where we press the large

If everything went well, head to mmoah, where we press the large “Download” button, another small window should appear, where, according on the standard, the Nexon platform gives you to download the buyer in a super duper high-speed mode.
Without entering details, just put a daw and MS2 Mesos click within the button, as shown within the picture, on the other hand save the resulting file and run it to go on the client download process.
By itself, this method is simply a downloader, that's intended simply for downloading installation files in your pitch; overall, it'll load ten files of around 20 gigabytes bigger. The translation from the various buttons that handles his work, you will additionally find below, as a possible explanation with this paragraph.
Then you just need to go to your specified folder in which the AstelliaSetup installation file are going to be located, launch it and judge where to install the primary Buy MS2 Mesos client, and after that wait for a certain time depending on in which you install it (HDD or SSD). A fully installed and patched client at the time on this writing weighs about 34 gigabytes with kopecks, roughly speaking, when we round it down, we 35.
Now it is possible to go directly towards the launch on the client itself as well as errors that you just may encounter.

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