I returned to GDMO after a couple of years. Questions about servers and Toyagumon event

So, this account i always created is from the Beelzemon server, which looks pretty dead recently. I have spent hours of farming and grinding into this server and that i want to determine if creating an account to the Omegamon server is usually a good idea.
Also, with this toyagumon event, is it worth every penny to Digimon Masters Online Currency sell the details of overload items or gamble to get a expensive bm instead? around my server each data costs 3t though the farming is brutal, i farmed 700 grey blocks and just got 37 from the blue blocks.
It matter's should you want to visit omegamon. If about to catch that a lot of a level, and never have that numerous digis, or in the event you are hardly invested into DMO Currency that account i would personally 100%. The jumping tamer event allows you to start lv 30 tamer and 44 digi with either guilmon, impmon, or exveemon.
I personally think it really is better to trade the overload item, as you are able to easily sell it at this time and everyone virtually has every burstmode which they wont easy to get to. So it's harder to market bm.

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