I place the blame squarely on Nexon's shoulders

Even if the volunteers chose were unsuitable for their positions, and did their job badly or bankrupt NDA, Maplestory Mesos is ultimately Nexon's fault for not choosing them properly. I refuse to think that in the entire community there cannot be found a few dozen individuals who are capable, responsible, and ready to work to aid the game.With that MWLB, as I said, Nexon failed to properly motivate the volunteers to continue functioning.

With the MLC, from what I watched, Nexon largely ignored each of their suggestions, or at best took from them what looked like it would make money (Oz from Marvel), entirely ignoring the spirit of the settlement.

In both cases, Nexon failed to allocate funds to interacting with the volunteers and using their participation. It is not too terribly surprising that people lost their drive, and one (or even more) got upset enough to violate NDA. (Should not happen, of course, even if defeated. But see previous paragraph about picking out the right people).

Additionally, not every effort fails. The Volunteer Forum Moderator position seems to be working out nicely, for the most part. Higher management does not really understand what the participant volunteers contribute that makes it worth the excess hassle cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos to  port with them.

How does Nexon manage to find trustworthy employees, then? How can they figure out how to find mostly trustworthy VFMs - and - eliminate the bad apples without abolishing the entire program? The people chosen for the evaluation server were completely arbitrary, so of course there would be lots of useless or just plain malicious ones there.

However, the MWLB and MLC were supposedly hand-picked after a protracted process, and were left useless and (a couple) eventually pushed to corruption (or simple carelessness).

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