How To Make Path Of Exile Incursion Less Exclusionary

In the upcoming Path of Exile Incursion, there's just one thing that bugs me about it: like breach before it, it's concepts are fairly exclusionary to builds that aren't fast, be it in terms of movement speed or crowd-clearing speed or single-target speed. Of course, PoE Currency is important in game.

Now how high the gates would be set in Incursion is something we have to see (since it's still being tweaked), but there are some changes that could be made to allow access to the content regardless of speed, while still giving an edge to those who are faster.

Here's what I'd do:

  1. When you enter the Incursion, there is no timer, and nothing is hostile to you yet. Kinda makes sense from a lore perspective, tbh. You haven't really disturbed the past or done much of anything to provoke anyone, who are all those workers to realize you're the one who's not supposed to be there when there's thousands of people working in this temple?
  2. When you (or in party play when every player in the zone) get close enough to an Architect, they realize you're not supposed to be there (they're the ones running the operation on a local level, they'd be more likely to know), and only they become hostile to you. A large 'bubble' of sorts forms (think the large proxy shield from some perandus chests, only it physically prevents leaving the area), creating an arena for just he and you to fight, still without the other mobs becoming hostile. Perhaps he could call in other mobs on occasion as adds to serve as flask refills and 'recently killed' proccers, etc. There's still no timer, at this point.
  3. When the Architect is killed, he has a good chance to drop a key (50% I'd say). Also, when he dies, now a timer starts, you've significantly altered the past, so the incursion has grown unstable and you've gotta work to keep it open.
  4. Now, with the Architect dead (and the other Architect in the room having fled), all the other mobs in the instance become hostile. You can kill them to extend the timer, possibly drop additional keys, and of course get loot you'll eventually be given at the end. It's in this time that you can go try to unlock doors and kill mobs until the timer's up and you're hurled out of the incursion.
  5. If at any time during this incursion you die, you're out. You won't be able to re-enter (though any remaining party members could still act within the incursion).

Well, this accomplish two big things. It gives you as much time as you need to take out the Architect and alter/upgrade the room, so 'slow' single-target dps won't gate you out of accessing the core content, and it provides you a reasonable chance to get a key prior to the timer starting, giving you a fair shot at getting to a door and opening it without being forced to rely on high movespeed and clearspeed to find one.

If you are fast at bossing, clearing, and moving, great. You'll be better able to end the architect fight faster (less potential threat of running out of flasks or dying and being removed from the incursion), and be better able to clear more mobs to find additional keys, unlock additional doors, and generate more loot at the end. But even if you're not great in those regards, as long as you can survive the incursion you can have a fair shot at altering the room and unlocking a door, you're not excluded from participating in the content.

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