Tents come in many different styles, shapes and sizes, from one- person designs that fit in a rucksack, to eight berth frame tents that you can furnish like a second home. Between these two extremes you have numerous styles offering a variety of different options.

It is important to choose the correct equipment for your intention. So first of all, you need to be sure of what you require from your tent...

How much standing room do you need? It may be essential that you can stand in the living area but not in the sleeping area, or it may be necessary to stand wherever you are inside the tent. Smaller tents do not provide for standing room, but they will be tall enough when sitting. So it's important to always check the height specifications on your tent.
How many people will be sleeping in the home textile tent? Tents vary in size considerably. Consider how many people are using it and whether they require one large sleeping area or separate compartments. The tents are usually labelled 'two person' or 'three person', etc, and this is based on average-size adults. Also, consider what equipment (tables, chairs, packs, etc) will be stored alongside the sleepers. You don't want anything (or anyone!) being left outside.
Types of tents

Dome tents- These tents are, as the name suggests, dome shaped. They are very simple to erect, using lightweight flexible poles that thread through a sleeve in the fabric crossing at the top. This type of tent, in the smaller size, is a great choice for the backpacker or motorbiker and they range in size up to family-size and beyond. The dome tent is our best selling family tent. They offer great value for money with their generous sizes, ease of erection and ease of transport. But remember that the higher the dome the more vulnerable they are in windy conditions.
Example- Woodworm Scott 2 Man Tent

Vis-A-Vis- This term applies to tents with sleeping compartments on either side of a living area. The basic tent can be either ridge or dome style. Most are made in lightweight nylon or polyester. Remember that the higher the tent the more polyester fabric vulnerable it is in windy conditions.

Example- Woodworm Deluxe 8 Man Tent
Camping is fun polyester fabric and if you choose the right tent for your intentions and the right size to accommodate your party, it will make your holiday. Most if not all of our tents will come with details on the construction of their tents and this will guide you to the correct choice. Remember to take adequate pegs, a peg remover and a mallet, and together this will ensure a trouble- free pitching. All you have to do then is relax and enjoy yourself.

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