How do you clean up a wet carpet during these moments?

A wet carpet can be one of the most difficult things to clean. Not to mention the weight of this material when wet that makes the task more difficult to handle. This is mainly because the fabric used for it is very absorbent and it easily catches dirt and dust. It follows that one must be very careful not to wet the carpet to keep from cleaning it every so often. But some occurrences cannot be negated, like when floods or heavy rains suddenly happen. This can also happen during gatherings where the number of people cannot be controlled and a simple drop of water, juice, or wine can make the wet carpet a good dust and dirt cache.

How do you clean up a wet carpet during these moments? Here are some of the best tips:

1. Take off your wet carpet and bring it outside, somewhere flat and neat, to clean it up.

2. 'Sweep' with water. Do it once knitted fabric on the top surface and again on the under part. Start from one end, moving towards the other Velvet fabric for more efficient cleaning.

3. Use liquid ammonia or any pine-base cleaner for soaking the dirty wet carpet. But prior to this, make sure that you read the cleaning instruction so as not to prematurely let its color fade.
*Bleaching may only be used to reduce stains, but be warned that this is going to change the color of the carpet as it is not design to resist bleach.
*1/2 cup liquid chlorine bleach per gallon of water will also be a good cleaning agent. Mix at least 5 gallons for the entire linen fabric task

4. Rinse the wet carpet thoroughly. Ensure that there are no more foaming before you stop rinsing. When bleaching, rinse ahead to avoid toxic fumes when ammonia and bleach mix.

5. It is always a good exercise to dry the carpet as soon as possible. Doing so will prevent mildew from invading the wet carpet. If it will be helpful, use a vacuum. But if the sun is up, dry it outside.

These tips are only good if you have a carpet that is not glued in place. If you have a carpet that's been glued in place, you can still clean it up though. Only this time, you have to do it in place. The procedure will still be the same but instead of sweeping back and forth, you have to do it in the farthest corner first and moving to the nearest where the cleanout is located. After the soaking procedure, it is a must to have a vacuum to suck and dry the wet carpet. The drying should be done immediately because the longer you wait for the task to be done, the more likely it gets mildewed in place. We all know how mildew can cause health hazards so avoid its growth at all cost. After drying, the carpet is now clean and ready for another long time use.

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