he damage to your eyes is actually greater

Being dressed in the wrong lens
Some people really need to buy Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale
Sunglasses, after evaluating found that the original counter UV function was mainly 50%, failed to achieve the very protection of the function belonging to the eyes, and even the bad dress yourself in. Because wear dark drinking glasses, in the dark environment the child, let more light inside the eyes in disguise. If ever the function of the lens to dam ultraviolet light, the damage to your eyes is actually greater, and when buying sunglasses, should be preferred as "100% UV" and also "UV400".
Color Cheap Replica Ray bans UK
depth is not related to UV
Lens color different shades and sunglasses has nothing to do with the very ultraviolet shielding function, colors is mainly used as a hindrance to visible light, now let people see things under the sun "is not comfortable, blind eye", it is not the dark as they can, but can choose the color belonging to the lenses with different environment. Homes in santa fe for sale, especially in the fierce sunlight, it's a good idea to pick a dark overcast, dark Cheap Ray Bans

green lenses. Boats are advised to choose tinted upgraded lenses, because the light is not too big, and the tunnel can more quickly adapt to the environment of the little brown eyes. To frequent outdoor and also indoor environment, Wholesale Ray Bans
can choose the very tinted lenses.
Large aperture cover eyebrow light loss

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