Hard Spitting Emcee VerseBorn Places His Position as "Chairman Of The Board" on New Single Release From KonQuest Now

   Bay Area MC and skilled producer, VerseBorn, drop heat with his latest self-produced release, “Chairman of the Board”. Going in over a hard-knocking westcoast flavored instrumental, VerseBorn shows us why he is held to high regards and lets us know that he isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon.

   “Chairman of the Board”, is sure to strike gold in the hearts of hiphop lovers around the globe. VerseBorn spits deep messages and keeps it way real, while giving the masses line after line of thought provoking wordplay and punchlines that you may not catch on the first listen.

   Stream and/or download “Chairman of the Board” and show love to one of the greatest spitters of our time, VerseBorn of the KonQuest crew.

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Comment by chun tian on April 20, 2017 at 2:48am


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