Golden Milk Presents Brand New Single, ''Algebra''

From humble yet conflicted beginnings, Raphael Lourenco (Golden Milk) is an experiment in the making. Passionate about music since a child, he is on his way to a new chapter. Born in Brazil, he & his family moved to Canada at a young age in search for a better life. Although very shy in part from a new environment, it was replaced with courage & determination. Excelling in his early days, he rose in his academic studies & scholarly focus, despite the sudden change. Catching on to the English language as a boy, he sought for higher aspirations & experiences.
Falling in love with Hip Hop as a teenager, it was used as an outlet to express his newly found aptitude for vocabulary & feeling. Studying the ways of the late greats such as 2pac, B.I.G, Nas, Jay-Z, DMX, Cam'ron ... he familiarized himself with the ideology of classic Hip Hop at one of the most fragile & controversial times in the game. Music was transitioning from the cassette tape to the days of the Sony Walkman & CD player. Little did he realize the impact it would play in the industry, he continued his diligent focus on the art & foundation of a genre that would soon enough sweep the entire nation which catapulted into a world-wide phenomenon.
As the years went by, he saw the births, deaths, rebirths & transformations of so many artists & their sounds. Hip Hop was growing at an unstoppable pace. He began writing lyrics around the age of 14, simply scribbling thoughts & ideas down to pass the time during detention after school. Although still learning himself, he tentatively pushed his love forward in his own personal time, spending countless hours listening to music at full volume while searching for like minded individuals.
It's now 2018 & I go by the name Golden Milk. I'm on steadfast campaign to get my name out & after reaching an online audience of 96,000 people in a span of a few days, I'm incredibly inspired to make a difference in my life, while sparking the chain for others & the media alike to gravitate to a classic, familiar yet brand new sound.
Ladies & gentlemen, I now welcome you to ... "Golden Milk".

Check out ''Algebra'' by Golden Milk:

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