Gold Expectations Presents: The Gold Sound

Gold Expectations Presents: The Gold Sound

​American recording label Gold Expectations presents "The Gold Sound".

The Gold Sound is the music that inspires and defines the label's meaning musically. Putting together music from the label's clients and artist alongside reaching out to other New York City artist, The Gold Sound mixtape series is perfect for any music lover looking to discover new music in the New York City area. Our ear for music isn't a bad one, take our word for it. You'll love these artist !

Big thanks to the following: Kiante Robinson | HEFF | BSM 914 | BNH Management | ICY Gang | SNS | Young Ash | MVL | The Royal Mob | Madeline | Tinashe | Snakehips | Za Knws | Durice Thompson & The Family & HIGHIMGG

The format is based on the Apple Music & Spotify Playlist owned by the label also called "The Gold Sound".

Bio For Press Release: ​Registered and powered by Ditto Music, newly established recording label Gold Expectations is placing it's footprints in the sand.
Launching on February 1st of 2016, the label has grown and created a well rounded roster of artist and clients throughout the New York City area.
"The Gold Sound" was created by sticking to the true elements of music rather than focusing on the gimmicks and is considered a sound the label wishes to empathize on from here on out.
Crediting multiple sources of inspiration, the musical format here at Gold Expectations is pretty much solid and well rounded.
Providing endless opportunities for all artist and clients apart of the label and opening doors for all forms of talent is what this company is most known for.
The road has just began for this label as they have multiple projects gearing up for release as well as aiming to bring back the sound of music that is truly missing, stay tuned and follow the new recording label Gold Expectations as they are reaching for gold.

"I know there are many other people just like me that share my current mindset for success, I hate to see talent go to waste. I formed this company on the strength of building a support system for those talented people who don't have support and proper funding to lift them off the ground. I was there before and I wish I met someone like myself back then with a company such as this so I had somewhere to call home and not be looked at as crazy when I'm spilling my ideas out to my friends and family about my future plans and career. I know for a fact a company like this is needed in the industry, we all need a place to start we all need that foundation that provides consistent support and we all need to be surrounded by positive energy in order to reach our full potential. Gold Expectations is exactly that and more we provide talent management, branding, promotional and public relation services as well as social media optimization, search engine optimization, photography & video production. We also provide endless opportunities for you to showcase your talent and prove your worth in your desired field. Don't continue struggling on your own, we are here to help you don't let your talent go to waste." - Durice Thompson (Owner of Gold Expectations)

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