Johnny Jerome Myrick Jr, better known by his stage name FLAW, has recently come to terms with the GIG Music Group because of their mutual interests in being successful.

Born in Birmingham, AL, FLAW stage name stands for Forever Loyal And Wise. He chooses to keep positive energy around him, and he would not change a thing about the Music Business today.

We caught up with FLAW recently and asked him a few questions about his music career.

What is your music background?
Before I signed to GIG Music Group, I was an independent artist and worked with a lot of other local artist in the city of Birmingham and the Tampa Bay Area. I’ve done shows in bars, open mic nights, and a lot of shows in strip clubs, while networking to get myself out there.

What are your long-term career goals?
My career goals are staying healthy and getting my body more in shape to perform at a high level and give my fans the shows they come to see, also just staying grounded and keep pounding to get better each and everyday. I want to work harder on my craft and pursue going down as one of the greats

What type of recording process did you use?
I like to have good energy all around me, and an environment with good vibes before I record. That really helps me create quality music in the moment.

If anything, what would you change about the music industry today?
To be honest I wouldn’t change a thing because it’s a new era, and the culture of music is different, and the sound has elevated to a new level.

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming artists?
Just stay focused, let no one tell you different about what you should do with your dream and the way you decide to take care of your family. Yes its gonna take time things just don’t happen over night but it’s a must you trust the process. When you do good it follows so keep working!

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