The first artwork in the highly anticipated Tera sequel was only spotted. What do you say we have now a look advertising? The artwork was revealed throughout the Nexon Developers Conference 2014 and shows a man inside a leather jacket using a shield within a arm along with MapleStory 2 Mesos a mace in the hand. While the man’s image does look modern, the weapons are decidedly old-fashioned as well as an old castle is visible from the background. So, exactly what do we model of this first Tera 2 artwork? Is it placed in middle-age, in the modern period maybe in a completely weird era?
Arena of Fate is Crytek's upcoming MOBA game
Crytek is joining the MOBA war with Arena of Fate, a sport where for reasons uknown the Little Red Riding Hood kicks some Jack the Ripper butt. Yeah. Arena of Fate Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos is undoubtedly an action-packed online multiplayer game, as Crytek described it, featuring 5v5 battles using a mix of historical and fantasy characters. So it is possible to get to experiment with with Frankenstein, Little Red Riding Hood, Joan of Arc, Robin Hood, Jack the Ripper, Baron Münchhausen plus much more. Sounds like an extremely odd mix to us. Arena of Fate runs for the CryEngine and it is in development at Crytek Black Sea for PC and consoles. The early access beta is predicted this summer.

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