First and foremost we have the return of the classic scythe

That's the real meta-game of Fortnite, and it's fascinating to watch, particularly because Epic is doing an excellent job at it. It's a careful, multi-tiered dance that involves both making the game complete and satisfying for free-to-play players while at the same time psychologically shepherding them along towards paying more and more money for a snazzier version of the same experience. And given the current industry climate, it's also satisfying to see it deftly done without randomized loot boxes.

Fortnite fans will get a bit of a surprise when logging into the store tonight. There are no featured epic or legendary items to be found, but instead a rare and uncommon that will have players drooling all the same.

First and foremost we have the return of the classic scythe, originally paired with the old school Skull Trooper which was also brought back this month for the Halloween season. While the return of Skull Trooper and the arrival of Skull Ranger did come with a new, updated scythe, everyone has been clamoring for the old one all the same, due to its rarity, sound effects and the fact that you can cancel it mid-swing to mine slightly faster (which may have been patched by this point?). Needless to say, for 800 V-bucks, a ton of people are going to be picking it up today.

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