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Carve a path through an unforgiving wilderness to rescue a hero trapped by a villain! For years, the valiant Altair safeguarded the world from disaster and ensured a peaceful, prosperous existence for mankind. But a madman bent on doing evil figured out a way to confine him. In the wake of Altair's disappearance, disaster struck Earth, with one calamity after another shaking the planet to its core. Now you must lead a band of brave workers on an epic adventure to find the hero, using the cryptic clues on an ancient artifact to guide the way.

To endure the harsh conditions, you will learn to take what you need from the land. Gathering food and water, housing your workers, and mining gold from tunnels will make each new level a breathtaking challenge unlike any you have experienced. As you balance time and resources, you'll also invent clever machines to accomplish special tasks, make friends with a Yeti, and prepare for the impending showdown against your enemy. Developed to provide gamers with a thrilling and accessible adventure, Pathfinders will provide hours of unforgettable fun! b4d347fde0

Title: Finders
Genre: Casual, Simulation, Strategy
Alawar Entertainment, Amegami
Buka Entertainment
Release Date: 15 Aug, 2013


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A very nice, very casual, but highly involving resource gathering\/management game.

It's not a time management game, as you can do any given task at any time, in any order, totally at your leisure.

It's hard to pigeon-hole this game to any specific genre. It's not a Virtual Villager clone as there is no set roles for your people, no skills or anything. You just have whomever is available do the job you need done.

It's a pretty long game IMO, as I've put in eight hours already and am only in the second area. It has a main storyline quest, lots of side quests, and quite a few items to buy and upgrade.

It has some mini-puzzle events, but in keeping with its casual theme, no brain cells will be harmed in doing them and they do fit in with the game, such as match-three for tunneling into mines to find ore.

All in all it is exactly as described in the description. It's a fun, addictive casual game that just wants to entertain and involve the player, and it does so very well. Highly, highly recommended.. It's a really casual and fun game to play. You're stranded and need to take action to find missing coworkers and ofcourse the hero of the game. You need to manage your resources and sort out which actions to perform first in order to keep your operation running smoothly. I would've loved the game being double or triple the size it is now, I finished the game in about 13 hours now (with doing lots of side-quests).. I love this game... bugs and all! At least the bugs didn't stop me from finishing the game. It is a building \/ strategy game with some match 3 (a LOT if you want to make any money) and a large variety of other puzzles (some unique) thrown into the mix.

Some hints to save yourself some frustration if you decide to try it is:
Very limited resources (water, food, money) are transferred with you so BEFORE going to the next island:
1. stock up on some gold and\/or iron and preferably have it already converted to ingots (one of the first things to transfer to new location)
2. buy as much stuff as you can (inventory is the only thing you can transfer as soon as you have the money to do it)
3. don't try to do any quests (on the left) AFTER receiving the quest to go to the next island... especially the CONTAINER quest (they could get locked and you will be unable to complete them)
4. I don't know if it makes a difference but all the fish at the bottom of the inventory I either used or sold before moving on because it takes a little time to transfer items to the new location
5. stock up on mushrooms and berries BEFORE going to the 4th island because there are NONE there<\/span><\/span>

The bug that I encountered was I received a CONTAINER quest AFTER getting the quest to go to a new island and was never able to complete it. Not sure but I think what I did wrong was to open the CONTAINER request in the current island and click SHOW (container DID NOT SHOW) instead of going to the next island first. So my suggestion is to go to the next island and THEN check out any new requests. I had 3 unfinished quests at the end but was still able to complete the game.

All in all a fun and very addictive game! If you decide to give it a whirl, I hope you have as much fun as I did!. I had a few bucks to spare and decided to try out this unique game. It reminds me of a game you would play on your phone, without ads and micropurchases. I really enjoy this game, I've played about 3.5 hours so far and it seems to be a pretty long game. I'll update again once I finish,. This is a simple game that mixes building features with an adventure plot and some puzzles. Simple, short and fun.

Very good to kill some time.. I like ultra-casual games. I like time management & match 3 games, the two genres into which this game most solidly fits. I also like city-builders. So I should be the exact target audience for this game, but I didn't enjoy playing it.

The game tells you to complete arbitrary tasks, something like quests, and just as in (bad) RPGs, it doesn't matter if you've JUST done the arbitrary task, you still have to do it again. The match 3 game is only really necessary when the game tells you to play it, and it's timed and impossible to strategize. There's some strategy involved in setting up your camp, and doing your best to fine-tune it.

But here's the game's biggest flaw, in my opinion. After fine-tuning your camp, you have to move to a new area and complete a very tedious process in order to bring some of your progress with you. This happens several times over the course of the game.

Additionally, the fishing minigame needs to be shot out of a cannon into the sun. Overall, this is a very annoying game.. This is a relaxing, casual game that plays like some Facebook games. Anyway, you gather materials and cash, build things... and begin a journey to try and find a missing hero.

Do get it on discount, though.

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