Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.05 Update: Difficult Eden Attack, New Dungeon, New Tomestone, More

Today's Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Patch 5.05 brings Savage Difficulty to the recently released Eden's Gate raid, as well as a new dungeon and more.

Patch 5.05 brings new content and updates, including:

Advanced Assault: The Gate of Eden (Savage) - Players seeking more enormous challenges can accept this series of challenging boss encounters.
Treasure Hunting Dungeon: "Dyhe Ghiah's Underground City" - Up to 8 players can join together to explore this new example dungeon and have the opportunity to receive rare and unique rewards.
New Tomestone: Phantasmagoria - This new Final Fantasy 14 Gil, acquired through the completion of specific content, can be used to purchase new equipment for war and magic disciples.
New recipes - Includes updates to Free Company Crafting and Subaquatic Voyages content.
Combat Action Adjustments - Several balance adjustments have been made for various jobs.
New housing furniture, items, mounts, minions, etc.

Finally, the annual Moonfire Faire seasonal event will return on August 7. If you complete the task during this event, you will, of course, receive a reward. These rewards are still a mystery so far, and other details are coming soon. If you want to pay attention to the circumstances or want to buy the cost-effective FFXIV Gil, you can buy it on the MMOAH website and search directly from the Google homepage.

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