FAN'CIE VEER! (Fish Are Nasty, Cake Is Excellent Vektor Evading Emblazed Rapture) Download Now

FAN'CIE VEER! (Fish Are Nasty, Cake Is Excellent Vektor Evading Emblazed Rapture) Download Now

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About This Game

Anything is possible in virtual worlds, but even spaceships have common knowledge known to most people back here on Earth.. that "Fish are Nasty", and Cake is Most Excellent!" (Well, perhaps not most people, but ask any of the smarter, wiser younger children and they will surely tell you the truths about fish and cake)

In this fast action game of quick reflexes and decision making, you'll need to steer your multi-colored ship clear of all rocks and fish that will take your life! You can destroy the rocks by changing your ship to the opposite color of the rock and blasting it into shattered fragments. And while the fish will spawn and home on on you, you can destroy them by making sure your ship is the same color as the fish before shooting them.

Cake is certainly delicious, and eating a slice of this randomly spawning delight will score you huge points, but also make your ship fatter and slower each piece you engulf! Eat too much cake and your movement speed will slow to a snails pace making dodging rocks and incoming fish very difficult. However, you can work the cake off and lower your size by simply moving around. The more you move around, the lighter and slimmer your spaceship will become, allowing you more maneuverability and movement speed!

Clearing a screen of all rocks and fish will advance you to the next level where the threats will increase in both number and speed, but the point rewards will also grow as well! Score as many points as you can before you run out of lives! How long can you last and what high score can you obtain in "FAN'CIE VEER"? 6d5b4406ea

Title: FAN'CIE VEER! (Fish Are Nasty, Cake Is Excellent Vektor Evading Emblazed Rapture)
Genre: Action
Release Date: 13 Jul, 2018


  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 1 Ghz CPU
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 128 MB graphics card minimum
  • Storage: 50 MB available space


If you're looking for a great time sink, you can't go wrong with this one. The name was appealing to me, so I figured I'd give it a try. I was not disappointed! It's easy to learn and understand but presents enough of a challenge to keep you entertained all the way through. You can't go wrong with the price, and it's well worth it! Give it a try for yourself! :D

Angry Fish Revolt At My Door! .."CAP-FIG-CID" Gets A New Name and is Now "FAN'CIE VEER!":
Last night after the weekend just after my "CAP-FIG-CID" game launched on Friday, I heard a wet and angry loud slapping at my front door. My kids screamed in sheer terror at the strange non human sounds of aggression roaring beyond the wooden door that now shook in it's frame! When I opened my door ready to protect my family and kids, I was unready for what was waiting floating in the darkness of the summer night air!

These fish were not happy and had got the word that I had launched a new Steam game calling them "gross". They were livid and demanding a public apology in a fish roar that barely made out understandable words. Fearing my own life and envisioning seeing my poor kids being devoured in front of my own eyes, I dropped to my knees and apologized profusely. Tears filled my eyes and the horrifying floating fish roaring at me caused my body to tremble in horror.

My apology wasn't enough...

The hours of the night passed and slowly the terror of the fish subsided as they became more friendly and less threatening. They made me promise to never eat fish again and even forced me to toss out the eight cans of tuna they found in my pantry as well. I agreed of course without any resistance.

But as the morning hours came, I found myself laughing with the fish so loud as we sat at my kitchen table playing a hilarious round of Pictionary. The fish were incredibly good at using their fins to work a pencil and at scribbling out pictures on paper. The angry sounds were now deep laughs and the beer I had offered them did the trick and perhaps even saved my life! Fish are so funny when they get buzzed or drunk on alcohol, let me tell you!

Somewhere in the night as the horror turned to drunken rounds of table top drawing games with the floating fish, we came to an agreement to simply not call the fish "gross" in this game. To fish, that is the most vile and hurtful thing you can call them. They said that they were totally fine with calling them nasty, especially after they saw how the fear they first filled me with caused me to wet my own jeans when I saw them at my front door. In fact, that's what started their laughs and then me finding the opportunity to offer them some cold suds! I guess you just never know when urinating yourself might save your life! While they didn't agree that cake is delicious and tried to get me to change the cake in my game to "fingerlings", we finally came to an agreement that I could keep the cake in my game as well as long as I didn't call it "delicious".


In all seriousness, the name change came last night when I was reminded by a Steam friend that technically the part of my original title "Fish Is Gross" (Colors Are Pretty, Fish Is Gross, Cake Is Delicious) was not correct English grammar. He stated that to be grammatically correct, it would need to be "Fish Are Gross" and well.. I wasn't about to change my "FIG" for Fish IS Gross to the initials for "Fish ARE Gross" for obvious reasons, mainly because I don't want to get kicked off the Steam platform as a small indie developer here! :-D

So I decided to brainstorm a new name last night and come up with a name that better fit the nature of this game as it has developed and well.. here it is! I definitely think the abbreviation "FAN'CIE VEER" is a much easier name to both say and remember than the previous "CAP-FIG-CID"!

I thought I'd share the reasoning for the name change and try and add a little humor in the process. Hopefully I made one or two of you chuckle or at the least form an odd smile as you read this!

..Have a great day out there and if you did enjoy this little name change fish story, please share the link here on your social media and with your friends and family! Small indie developers like myself can use all the attention we can get! Please remember to remember the small guys out there whether you might be passing by a mom and pop drive-thru on your way to the national burger chain or whether you turn away the 12 year old boy asking to mow your lawn in favor of the big guys. ..Small "fish" need love too! :-)

Take care all!

. UPDATE 1.02 - Scoring Increased For Crash Combos, Cake, and More!:
The following changes were made to FAN'CIE VEER in update 1.02:

- Fixed a game breaking bug that would give you endless extra lives when you scored more than 100,000 points in a game

- Your bullets will now bounce off of Vektor rocks and Vektor fish if they are the wrong color to destroy them. The good thing here is that if they bounce off of a fish or rock because they are the wrong color and bounce off and hit a fish or rock that is the right color, whatever it hits will get destroyed.

You can now use the above ricocheting of your bullets off of asteroids that are not the opposite color of you and that are the same color as a Vektor fish to score 3x the normal points of just shooting a Vektor fish directly. To give you an example.. if you see a blue Vektor fish and there is a red Vektor rock nearby, you could turn yourself blue and shoot the fish directly. Let's say that fish would be worth 100 points if you just shot it directly... But now with this update if you instead ricochet your blue bullet off of that red Vektor rock and hit the blue fish with the bounce-off shot, you'd score about 300 points instead! ..This can actually be fun and reward you with more points!

- Changed the opposite color assist diagram in the bottom right of the screen to now clearly show what keys (WASD) changes your ship to what color.

- You'll now be rewarded with an extra life for every 100k points after your first 100k points scored. Previously, no extra lives could be earned after getting your first 100k points.

- Crashing through Vektor rocks scoring has increased significantly to better reward the player for taking the higher risk and speeds required to do so. previously, you were awarded double the points of actually shooting a vektor rock, starting with this update, that has been increased to 5x the shooting-a-rock score.

- You also will be better rewarded for getting "crash combos" then before! Smashing through Vektor rocks now also rewards you at about 350% the previous levels when you crash through multiple rocks in quick succession.

- The smash timer has been increased from 5 seconds to 7 seconds, allowing you more time to crash through a new rock in quick succession to help you build up your "smash combos"

- Eating cake makes you bigger and move slower, and now rewards you about 300% of previous point rewards before this update.

- You'll now properly be able to lose your ship size by moving. To slim down, just keep thrusting with the right mouse button. The faster you move, the faster your ship will lose size and gain speed mobility.

- With the ships size reduction by simply moving, you can now die from starvation if your ship size drops to 20%. Your size will change color at the top of the screen to RED if you drop to dangerous levels. ..Eat cake to increase your size if your size drops too much!

These changes I believe better reward you for taking risks with the smasher aspect of this game and will also help players achieve higher scores on the high score list.

I hope you enjoy the new changes made in this update! ..Let me know in the comments below! =). UPDATE 1.01 - Steam Global Leaderboards Are Up and Working & 17 New Steam Achievements Added!:
The global leaderboards for this game are now up and working and can be accessed by clicking the "COMMUNITY HUB" button in the top right of the Store Page and then clicking the VIEW STATS link at the top and selecting the "Global Leaderboards"

..Or you can simply click THIS LINK:

* An unintended problem was fixed in the game that caused you to lose a current smasher combo streak and all smasher combo points if you crashed and/or got killed. This has been fixed and you should correctly score all of your smasher combo bonus points even if you die with a current combo going.

You'll notice that there are two leaderboards available from the drop down option at the top to see both the High Scores and the Best Crasher Combo Streaks. These streaks are scored when you successfully smash your ship through several vektoroids in quick succession for big bonus points.

17 brand new Steam achievements have also been added to the original 7 that were in at the launch a couple days ago, bringing the total Steam achievements to 24 now.

Now have fun and don't eat too much cake, it might make you FAT! ;-). My Next Game.. "Prison Ball: Full Blown" Due To Hit Steam Very Soon!:
This game is shaping up to be a lot of fun.. and laughs!

Check out my teaser trailer right HERE:

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