Eye Of Time nevertheless gives x2 Maplestory M Mesos

Perhaps a few paying players get cap damage just by paying their own money for NX cash from cubing (that is a very modest portion of gamers ) and for some of them, if they cap on other characters, they might purchase more NX OR really buy NX with meso. Seeing this, in addition, MaplestoryM Mesos creates many illegal trades, even though NX>meso transaction existed for more, right or in form of trades via leech or other. Now this game becomes much pay2win NOT just because of Nexon, but also some players mentality. For this reason these trades exist.

Just a reminder, there are also various kinds of non-paying players AND paying players.Non-paying gamers:*Players that are casual and take their time to earn achievments and respect ToS. Players who are playing a great deal with dedication, get proficient with the time and slowly make achievments while still respecting ToS. Players that are addicted to damage but insufficient for not respecting ToS,especially proficient in-game, can attain stuffs quicker and using every lawful manners. In-game to get gradually funded but maybe not as much as paying players and who dont respect ToS.

And finally players who are just too hooked on damage and believe they HAVE to solo. Everything to win the match, most are ready to disrespect ToS and finally commit.illegal transactions, by using NX, USD and PP currencies. People who claim to achieve cap damage without spending. About USD and PP monies, they only sell for real money (this is a Tiny portion of players, enough I dont know any of these, but they MAY exist) and occurs to market their own equips because They Wish to leave game for great and are dishonnest to steal money from the firm (I said rather:P)

Paying gamers: *Players that occasionnally buy NX money with real money and playing closer to non-paying players ways. Players who are casual, take their Guide For Maplestory mobile mesos to earn achievments and esteem ToS. The majority of the time, they cover decorative. Or maybe Gach and much more! Players who are devoted to earn achievement faster and like damage but not too addicted and still respect ToS will purchase more of Gach and cubes along with a few cosmetic.

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