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Original Title: The Icemon Cometh

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Family,Fantasy,Sci-Fi,Thriller



















































Rika is being followed by something strange and she gets scared. Not wanting to admit it, she refuses help from Renamon to protect her and Renamon feels bad by what Rika said to her. IceDevimon captures Rika and offers her to tame him, but she also refuses. Renamon digivolves to Kyubimon but fails to stop him and Guilmon comes and finishes him off. After that Rika is scared and sadly says she hates all Digimon.
"The Icemon Cometh" is somewhat reminiscent of the season 2 episode "His Master's Voice", which is appropriate since Chiaki J. Konaka was the head writer for that one. Though appreciably better than the previous few, this episode is a classic example of why the occasionally murky motivations and reasoning of these characters brings frustration rather than nuance. It (and indeed the resulting subplot) would have been much better by simply focusing on Rika's thoughts on a deeper bond with her digimon, rather than those pseudo-philosophical ponderings on the nature of evolution.

Among some things, we get a clearer idea of why her relationship with her supermodel mother is strained. It's an intriguing aspect of her life, one that is referenced over the course of the series. The scenes with Impmon are kind of distracting this time around, since they only lead to an inconsequential confrontation with Terriermon. Of course, of most importance is the appearance of IceDevimon, giving us one of the more famous encounters from the series. The build-up is good, with several close calls, ghostly images and a palpable feeling of paranoia that Rika rashly takes out on Renamon. To be honest, I don't like IceDevimon himself. He looks impressive while enveloping Rika (weird), but otherwise is drawn too lankily and without the imposing presence of his namesake. Maybe it's the coloration or wing size…or the thoroughly unsatisfying way he is beaten. Plus, it's cheap that most of his frozen victims are rookies. He serves as kind of a reflection of Rika's cold demeanor, which is a good way to have her change her outlook, but NOT a good basis for what follows.

Once everything is resolved, Rika lets out the frank, but motivationally ambiguous, declaration that she hates all digimon…why? The nature of this scene has led to several ideas on what her motivation is, none of which really hold up in context. Considering the running theme of the nature of evolution, I maintain that she is now simply suspicious of Renamon's nature. Because she sees the parallel between IceDevimon's ventures and what she initially made Renamon do, Rika fears that her own partner will turn out like IceDevimon if she digivolves (never mind the fact that it would not have been triggered by loading data, since there was no data for her to load). She comes to believe that evolution means becoming a fiend that slaughters opponents for the sake of power…but Kyubimon's first appearance, which was not triggered by loaded data, completely discredits that. I could understand if there had been a notable shift in Renamon's personality, but her earlier clearly selfless behavior and apparent docility in her champion form say otherwise. If THIS had been the first time Renamon digivolved and she demonstrated aggressive behavior in destroying IceDevimon, then it would make sense. One might say that she fears that continuing to load data will change Renamon in the future, but if that's the case then why not simply order her not to do so? Once again, it's clear that she can digivolve without it. As a result, Rika's declaration that she hates all digimon (especially after asserting that Renamon is her friend) is excessive, more frustrating than shocking. In terms of quality, this one could have been rated higher, but Rika's incoherent behavior leaves such a bad aftertaste that I can't shake the thought that this whole scenario was made to forcibly prolong the friction between these two.


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