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Download Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps .zip

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In the year 2210, fifty years after the start of the machine wars, the battle mech is the premier weapon of war. Standing over 35 feet tall and weighing up to 40 tons, these hulking behemoths are walking arsenals of firepower and armor that have no other rival in a theatre of war. As part of your factions Mechanized Corps, you will need to utilize your intellect to custom configure battle mechs that suits both your play style and the mission parameters as well as hone your skills and cunning as a pilot to survive

Play on your own or join the action online in a persistent warzone called “Faction Wars” that enables you to not only fight for domination over mission zones to earn unique unlocks and achievements, but also create and manage squadrons, and tracks player and squadron stats.

Dark Horizons : Mechanized Corps is the sequel to the 2005 Independent Games Festival Finalist “Dark Horizons Lore” reviewed on The Junkyard

Currently Implemented Features:

  • Intense mech based combat. Unleash your firepower and tactics on your opponents. focus your attacks to localize damage to destroy weapons, equipment or even cripple and more readily destroy enemy mechs.
  • Customize multiple mechs to suit different styles of play or mission types. Choose from 4 different mech classes, 41 different weapons and pieces of equipment, custom paint styles and colors and more. You can employ any of these saved configurations in-game as you play.
  • Play any mission offline versus bots, in instant action mode.
  • Or get into the action online against up to 16 other players (per mission)! NOTE: 32 players being worked on.
  • Earn stats for leaderboards and achievement unlocks in a persistent game environment.
  • Faction Wars, persistent online battle.
  • Multiple mission environments, with 6 zones currently available.
  • 4 games modes including Attrition, Team Death Match, Free for All, and Mini-nuke.
  • Create or join a squad and fight together to take control of various mission zones online.
  • Pilot progression through military ranks that also unlock faction bonuses.
  • Implementation of 3 main factions (Federated States, Eastern Confederation, Overload Mercenary Guild).

NOTE: The Faction Wars system is currently still in development, but out first order of business after EA launch is to work on getting the persistent stats feeding into the online war map system.

Features that are in development
  • 32 players for online missions.
  • Addition of dozens of new and unique weapons and equipment to configure your mech with.
  • More mechs for each class, providing additional unique configuration options to try out.
  • Faction Wars, the persistent online war component will be implemented on a ongoing basis with features like:
    • Variable spawn points per mission based on which faction has control over that mission online and other factors.
    • Contract missions for mercenaries and faction pilots.
    • Co-op missions with special raid and recon missions.
  • Deploy equipment in-game at various locations throughout each mission to construct bases that will help secure key locations and enable your team to take control of the mission against your opponents.
  • Additional Game play modes like Siege, Raids, and Arena mode.
  • Addition of new missions through out Early Access.
  • Support for additional platforms (Linux/SteamOS/Mac).

Title: Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps
Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation, Early Access
Max Gaming Technologies, LLC
Max Gaming Technologies, LLC
Release Date: 22 Jul, 2014


  • OS: Windows Vista SP2
  • Processor: Dual core 2GHz
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 256MB Video Ram
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible


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Dis liked the UI and difficult to move mech. I've played this game as a demo at PAX east and went on to purchase it, let me say for anyone who is a Mechwarrior fan this is a breathe of fresh air! The part that sold me besides its gameplay mechanics that are similar to the name above is the fact that it is not Free to Play. The Mechs are highly customizable with decals and weapons. I believe this is still an Alpha or Beta, so it's a bit clunky and not pretty to look at but im sure when its finished it will have sorted that all out. I highly suggest giving this game a chance to anyone who loves the battle mech simulator genre!. I have to say I want to love this game. I still play a lot. The best part about it is building and trying out the mechs. Some of the problem is that no one is playing so you have to play by yourself and the bots are not very smart, or maybe too smart they go hide in the ocean. Every once in a while you have a great game against the bots, but not on every board.
I would like to see a board where you have unlimited ammo.
The bots would not have to be strong but they need to attack and spawn more of them. I love shooting at them. Missiles are great but you don’t have enough of them need a way to reload on the spot. Long way back to the base to reload waste to much time.
Look at some of the games like the Day of Defense on their zombie mode it has wave of bots attacking you. Old game still a lot of people playing. Make a map similar to them. But have them mech bots attacking
On a lot of your boards you have no way to reload after you run out of ammo. This is just sad because some of these are good maps the bots attack.
I really hope you all do something for this game fast its dyeing.
More weapons. More ammo. Attacking bots. Different maps. Unlimited ammo. This game could be great
Since this game came out I’ve enjoyed it enough that I’ve bought a few more Mech games and played them, they’re fun, but I keep coming back to this one. I really would love to see you all make it. But I think you need a few more game designers to come up with something different to make it playable.
I have the most kills on this game and possibly the most hours. I really would like to tell everyone to buy this game. I’ve changed my review 3 times now. Hoping to give you the thumbs up award. But I can’t yet. I really have a hard time telling anyone to buy this game please do something that will change that.
I will say this if you like building mechs. and trying them out. somewhat of a slow game buy it. I have to say I enjoy playing or I would not have so many hours on the game. its not bad but I think it could be so much more.
Please if you have any questions contact me here and I will get back to you.. This right here? This is what Mechwarrior Online should have been.. Dark Horizons looks and feels like classic Mechwarrior, one week into alpha and there isn't much in the game (4 mechs , 2 maps, 3 game mods, multiplayer and instant action) but! the game has a lot of potential. if your an old Mechwarrior or Heavy gear fan I would give this one a shot you won't be disappointed.. it's an attempt at mech warrior. it's got problems but it's early access. i enjoy it, it's slow motion quake in giant robots!

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