Doorways: Holy Mountains Of Flesh Download For Pc [pack]

Doorways: Holy Mountains Of Flesh Download For Pc [pack]

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About This Game

General Information

Juan Torres and his family were the target of an uncountable number of rumors and several disappearances that took place in El Chacal, a small village of around 4,800 inhabitants, located in the arid mountainous region of Salta, a province of Argentina.

Among the stories spread around the surrounding villages, legends involving cannibalism, black magic, sects and all kinds of superstitions were heard.

It was also said that Juan Torres was the heir of a large fortune and, somehow, with no claim raised against him, he and his family managed to control the entire town and establish their own law.

The family was made up of Juan, Celia Torres and his only child, Jeronimo.


Doorways is an episodic game, it's divided in three parts and they can be played separately:

Doorways: Prelude (Chapter 1 & 2):
Doorways: The Underworld (Chapter 3):
Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh (Chapter 4): 7ad7b8b382

Title: Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Saibot Studios
Saibot Studios
Release Date: 10 Aug, 2016


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A game full of boredom. I dont even remember buying this.. Amazing fun and exciting game. The last chapter from the previous 2 games, this is more disturbing and has more difficult puzzles than the previous 2 games. Involving jumpscares as well, but I noticed it also lack the same feeling from Underworld where you would feel at any moment you would get chased by a creature. But still, there are still some chase scenes and the disturbance throughout the game really makes it even more horrifying. It also really goes from what the title of this game is saying too.. Why not try it. Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh is not the best looking horror game out there, but on the other hand it manages to create a dark atmosphere that brings in front a very good experience all the time...
The gameplay is amazing, and the fact that you can enjoy the overall way things are made only manages to make everything more cool and exciting...
Besides the scares being few but really good, I could never get the game to run well due to poor fps... I need to up my specs... :3. This game caters to a specific type of gamer.
It is certainly not for everyone.

If you pay good attention to detail, enjoy puzzles, appreciate well-written stories, but also like some creepiness and the occasional (very occasional) jump scare, this game is for you.

This game also carries an element of mystery, you're essentaily a detective with a psychological gift, who is attempting to solve the mystery of a lost city. For spoilers sake, I won't say more. I will only say that the story is quite original and well-thought out.

The atrocities that take place in this forsaken city are grotesque to say the least.
If you've got a dark side and appreciate some great atmosphere and a solid story, this game is for you.
The score is also great.
Voice acting is good.
Visuals are done well.

Only complaint is that the ending seemed a little bit rushed.
Other than that, one of the best horror-mystery-indies I've yet to experience.

8\/10, would solve bloody skin-crawling mystery again.. So I finally got around to playing the Doorways trilogy\/saga\/episodes....however you want to put it, and it's definitely pretty fun. I wouldn't say it's worth the price when not on sale (too short and a little wonky with some of the gameplay mechanics) but as far as horror games go, it certainly has some moments.

Of course, there are highs\/lows to the series and I don't feel like writing a review for all 3, so I'll just use the final chapter (hmof) to state my findings:

Doorways: Prelude - could have been great but the horrendous lighting making you feel like you're some kind of blind cave creature struggling to make your useless eyes work to see your surroundings is not fun. Seriously, it's that dark at times and the ability to adjust brightness in the options menu is useless. Also, you get a torch but it's quite possibly the s******** torch you'll ever lay hands on in a game.

Doorways: Underworld - much better than the first 2 chapters in Prelude. The enemies you encounter are far more terrifying, you'll need to run\/hide at times, the lighting is much better and overall the experience is more engrossing with creepier environments. That final part with the maze and switches though.....F that noise!!

Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh - definitely better than the first 2 chapters and the lighting is, yes, much better than in Prelude. Also, you can play from a 3rd person or 1st person perspective, which is cool. The enemies are pretty cool but somewhat annoying. Those puzzles though....F that noise again!!!

Build Update v0.2.1:

Hello people,

We did a quick update (v0.2.1), you can Verify the Cache if you didn't get the update.

There were some "framedrops" in "El Chacal".

We changed the optimization method here. We used the Occlusion Culling from Unity but looks like it has some troubles: in close sections it worked perfect but in open areas it has those drops.

Now we're using our own methods, turning on/off areas from camera distance and looks like it's working pretty well. The framerate is more constant now.

Let us know :)




Hola, gente.

Hicimos una actualización rápida a la versión v0.2.1. Pueden verificar el Caché del juego si todavía no les llegó dicha actualización.

Había algunas bajadas de rendimiento en "El Chacal".

Cambiamos entonces el método de optimización.
Usábamos el Occlusion Culling de Unity, pero se ve que este traía algunos problemas: en lugares cerrados andaba perfectamente, pero en áreas abiertas tenía estas bajadas de rendimiento.

Ahora estamos usando nuestro propio método, prendiendo y apagando áreas según la distancia de la cámara y parece que va mucho mejor.

Hágannos saber cómo les anda a ustedes :)

Tobias. Build Update v0.2.3 - Including SteamOS/Linux support:

Hello everybody!

First of all, we want to wish you a terrorific Halloween!

For this special ocassion we have some updates to make during this week :)

The first thing is right here: another quick update for v0.2.3

Along with another little fixes, we made an optimization in resources so the loading screens get shorter and there less problems in getting RAM problems.

But the main thing is that we've Steam OS (and Linux) compatibility!

So the games is also going to work on Steam Machines as well :)

Cheers from the team!




¡Hola a todos!

Primero que nada, queremos desearles un terrorífico Halloween.

Para esta ocasión especial, vamos a estar subiend varias novedades durante esta semana ;)

La primera está aquí: hicimos otra actualización rápida a la versión v0.2.3

Entre otras cosas, optimizamos el peso del juego en general para que los tiempos de carga no sean tan pesados y no haya problemas de memoria.

Pero lo más importante es que ¡ahora contamos con versión para Steam OS y Linux!

Por lo tanto, el juego estará también disponible en las Steam Machines cuando salgan a la venta :)

¡Saludos de parte del equipo!

Tobias. Doorways Digital Artbooks NOW Available!:
The exclusive material starts now!

As we promised, we have just started releasing some interesting things for all the fans of the Doorways series :)

Here we created some digital artbooks from all the work made during development of the games by our concept artists and illustrators.

It's the amazing work of Victor Ahmed in Holy Mountains of Flesh and Martin Voychisko in Prelude and The Underworld.

This are cheap DLCs available to download from each game and currently with 10% of discount!

Hope you like this, more material is coming soon!

The team at Saibot Studios. Happy new year! With recap video :):
Hello everybody!

From Saibot Studios we want to wish you the best for 2017!

It has been a long trip with Doorways but we finally finished it together and things need to continue. So yes, we're working on something new, here's a short video for you (IT HAS ENGLISH SUBTITLES):
And don't forget to check all the discounts we have for our games and DLCs:

Cheers from the team!

Tobías Rusjan. Final Release Date Confirmed & The Temple's First Screenshots!:
Hello everybody!

Hope you've been doing great all this time.
We've been very busy and a bit complicated lately, but loosing no time :)

First of all, we have the release date confirmed for the final version of Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh, which will include the third and final Act "The Temple"
It will be available outside Early Access on August 10th (Wednesday). That's it, in less than a month!

And here are the first screenshots from the Temple's interior, the most gory and terrifying of all Acts, coming with the final release:

Cheers and thanks for all the support and sharing!

The team at Saibot Studios. Build Update v0.4.1 - Fixes for The Mansion:
Hello again!

How have you been? Did you liked The Mansion? :)

We have just made a quick update (v0.4.1) which includes some fixes and improvements, most of them based on your feedback from the forums.
Some of them are:

- Improvement in the understanding of the constellations puzzle (shelf): We changed the pictures that got confusion. Thanks to all the people at this post :)
- Fixes in textures and materials. Thanks to Bryerick
- Fix for the draggable mirror bug. Thanks to Lucky
- Update to the Unity last stable version (5.3.4)
- Platforms in statues upgraded to avoid problems when jumping. Thanks to Kylie
- Little fixes in gameplay, and mechanics and visual details

Cheers to everybody and more news are coming soon!

The team at Saibot Studios

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