Digimon Masters Online Coming to Steam

Steam Reviews will destroy this already tiny player base, the main one solution the state run website lacks might be a spot to communicate is in fact steam integration everyone's complaints may appear to the forefront and Gameking Digimon Masters Tera don't require a approach to cover this like they certainly any problem the action has.
The events are normally basically cash grabs and completely unsatisfying, all in the veteran players get rewarded nothing for loyalty and new players get great incentives from events however the time period to try and do the levelling objectives basically mean you have to grind together with the entirety in cases where or else you become ineligible to discover the rewards next time the new player event arrives.
It's a lose lose situation, I referred into it as quits DMO Tera when my tamer level hit 51 and I didn't receive my tamer reward since decided to discontinue the key system for older tamers.
If you want a game to pour long spaces of time with zero community including a pretty boring endgame this can be the experience to suit your needs.
All the nostalgia in the world couldn't keep my around.

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