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Original Title: Chun Man Dan Mai

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Romance































This is one of the very strange 70's collisions of Asian exploitation and Scandinavia exploitation. The most famous films like this might be the two Japanese films "Sex and Fury" and "Porn Star Travels Around Japan" both of which feature Swedish sex bomb Christine Lindberg in what were otherwise pretty standard Japanese "pink" or "pinky violence" films. This, however, looks like more of an even co-production between Hong Kong and Denmark, filmed largely in Danish locations and with a cast pretty evenly split between the two countries.

Two Chinese men go to Copenhagen for some reason. While one of them philanders around with various Danish and Asian women, the other falls in love with his Chinese tour guide, but takes time to have various drawn-out kung fu battles with a seemingly endless amount of thugs sent by his partner's overweight and very jealous girlfriend back home. Such as it is, that's the basic plot.

This movie portrays Denmark as a sexual shangri-la where three women will have hot sex with you if you merely pick up a pornographic magazine one of them drops. The philanderer also has several sexual sexual encounters with a beautiful Danish popsy name "Ingrid" (Lise Lotte-Norup) that all seem to go horribly wrong. At one point her husband comes home dressed in a deerstalker and a monocle for some reason (kinda like Sherlock Holmes crossed with Colonel Klink), but he ends up only welcoming the Asian man to his home and his wife! This free-spirited sexual easiness, however, seems belied by the fact that all the Danish women (and Asian women) in this movie seem to use body doubles for their sex and more graphic nude scenes. I suspect this movie was originally quite tame due to stringent pre-Category III censorship in Hong Kong at the time, but the French version I saw went back and added all these body double sex scenes. But who knows? There are some good martial art scenes (if you're into that sort of thing), but obviously this more of a goofy HK comedy than anything. Very weird flick Well, this movie was really a hoot to watch, all it really wanted to say was that Denmark is full of horny beautiful women who are extremely easy to pick up from the street, and the Danish men have no problems with strangers having sex with their girlfriends/wives at all! At one point the main protagonist George (James Yi Lui) has sex with a Danish blonde at her house, and suddenly her husband bursts through the door, which at first scares poor George, but then the man just smiles and says "Be my guest"! Oh man, I was in shambles.. good stuff.

Anyway, the "plot" is vaguely as follow: An Asian travel agency, led by the fabulous Ping-Ao Wei (The Way of the Dragon, Fist of Fury), has this big lottery where two lucky guys get a free trip to Denmark, where they can enjoy everything the country has to offer, be it random sights (like the Little Mermaid or the statue of H.C. Andersen), or slutty females, just go nuts! So, George (Winner #2), who in his homeland is known for his abstinence and goodness-speeches, turns 180 degrees and becomes this happy playboy in Denmark, much to the disdain of his fiancée, Tina (Lydia Shum), who follows him to Denmark, and sends a gang of her brothers Kung-fu fighters after him for some reason, beating him and Winner #1 (Wai-Man Chan) up quite a few times, while also kidnapping their tour guide, who was called Susan or something (played by Helen Poon).

Well, that more or less sums it up, I guess.. not much more to be said about this movie, other than it was great fun (being a Dane myself) watching the Asian actors run around in recognizable Danish locations, doing all kinds of wacky stuff, and of course the notion that ALL DANISH WOMEN ARE EASY TO PICK UP, which of course isn't true.. well, unless if you're a sexy Asian guy apparently.

If you like cameo actors, famous Danish "actress" Lise-Lotte Norup appears here and there to flirt with George, and at one point (in the beginning) the humongous Kam Siu appears and throws George around a bit after he has tried to sleep with his wife - the Asian husbands are not at all as friendly as the Danish!

8/10, because this movie is extremely amusing, and - especially for Danes - represents a very special era of Danish film-making, where the sexual revolution led the way for a whole new bunch of comedic semi-erotic "sengekantsfilm" (bedside-movies), most of which also starred Lise-Lotte Norup, and this definitely belongs among the best of them, just as well as it belongs to the hundreds of Hong Kong-chopsocky martial-arts flicks from the 1970s and 1980s.

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