ChozenOfficial Drops new Video "Name And Face" And It Is HEEEEAAAAATTTT

   Let me start off by saying, an American...I absolutely LOVE the over seas Hip Hop scene. They still embrace so much of what Hip Hop was originally built on. Substance filled bars delivered with immaculate style and precision lay over boom bap beats. Real Hip Hop.

   Which brings us to the topic today....ChozenOfficial, and his new video for Name and Face.   First of all...the quality is the video is AMAZING. It was an immediate eye catcher. As the beat built in to play and dropped...I was hooked...and a line hadn't even been recited yet.

    As ChozenOfficial steps into scene...he just mercilessly destroys any and all doubts you might have. He goes on and on with distinct aim to make each line as thought-filled as the last. As you zone into his outstanding lyrically ability, the cleanliness of the video keeps you tuned in. Filled with hot locations and people just over all having fun is a great break from the American rap videos of clueless-ness, gang signs, guns being waved and males twerking like girls while the rapper raps about murdering other people....Ain;t nobody got no time for that.

     But ChozenOfficial shows us true hiphop heads to have faith as talent and homage are still being bred in the underground. Every aspect of this single from sound to look is top of it's game. And definitely left us wanting more from this dope emcee.

Check Out ChozenOfficials Video "Name and Face" Today

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