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Hello, my name is SUSAN. and I am the host of CHEAP GOLF. Here are some things you should know about this game:

- It is a surreal low-poly minigolf comedy. You will fling a boop into the goal many times and I will talk to you between levels. Eventually you will hear my voice.
- - - - - -- - -

- - - - - -- - -
- There are many colors and sounds to tickle your eyes and ears. You will also use your hand quite a bit.
-- - - -
- The game currently includes 3 episodes with over 140 levels of boop flinging.
-- - - -
- You can also play in STORY MODE, which is more forgiving and allows you to progress through the game easier (with no score). SPEEDRUN MODE is coming soon.
-- - - - -
- You can make your own levels and cutscenes with the editor, but it's a hidden feature that I will only reveal if you ask me nicely.
-- - - -
- I will be monitoring trillions of your nanogestures and modeling them into FEEL-THINKS, my favorite snack.
-- - ----- ---- - -

- - - -- --- - - - -

Thank you for your engagement.



- This game only requires a mouse to play, so you will need at least one hand.

- Humans that assisted me with this game: Miles Tilmann (design/audio/code), Tiago Ling (code), Just Delgado (code), Mark DeNardo (audio), Rand Williams (shader), Rich Grillotti (audio). 6d5b4406ea

Title: Cheap Golf
Genre: Action, Indie, Sports
Release Date: 5 Nov, 2018


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This is literally the greatest game SUSAN SUSAN SUSAN.. This is the game I have waited over 40 years for.... The story and setting are peerless. The gameplay is also very good... for a while. Eventually, it falls behind, and the complex, unforgiving gameplay combined with the gltichpunk aesthetic start to get annoying.

If this game's lenght was a sixth of what I assume to be (based on the amount of levels in a chapter), or if its Story Mode allowed you to skip levels instead of merely removing a single element, I'd hail it as one of the must-play games of 2018. As it stands, instead I suggest you watch a YouTube video on it and let a shouting teenager deal with its levels for you.. Probably some of the funniest writing in recent video game time.. mMmmMM, tasTES liKE THinKING

I love this game so much already

STORY MODE added!:
Hello all,

Due to multiple requests for this, we've added STORY MODE to the game. (Available in version 1.1 and up)

Press M on the title screen to toggle between normal / story mode.

Story Mode: Levels no longer have a par - you can fling as many times as you want. However, you receive no score for any level you complete in story mode.

This is useful for those that want to see what SUSAN has in store for them but have gotten stuck on a particular level.

SPEEDRUN MODE is coming up next! :)

-Miles @ Pixeljam. Quick update - level balancing & upcoming tweaks:
Hello all,

Today we uploaded a quick adjustment to the difficulty of a few levels in the game (specifically WAT and QWEST), in an attempt to smooth out the difficulty spikes. The spikes are intentional and part of the story, but some levels are still a bit too spiky and can tend to be more frustrating than challenging.

We would rather people see the end of Episode 1 than rage quit, so if there are any levels that drive you nuts, give us feedback in the forums!

Coming very soon:

- Some smaller sets of levels to keep you occupied and entertained while we work on the bigger episodes, each with their own leaderboard.

- Drastic improvements to the editor UI, and new incentives to make and share your own levels :)

Keep on golfin'

-Miles @ Pixeljam. -Linux Beta Of The Full Release Is Ready-:
Hello Linux Users,

We finally have an updated Linux build that brings us up to parity with the Windows and Mac versions.

The full release candidate, 1.0.95, is ready to test and can be found on the BETA branch.

If you have any feedback about it, leave a comment here or email me at

Thanks for the patience!

-Miles @ Pixeljam. -Episode 2: Cryptofutures Is Out Now-:
Hello All,

We just released Episode 2! It should be in your current version of the game (1.0.3). We also made the following updates:

- Camera zooms out a little smoother
- Episode 1 levels got a few changes (mostly difficulty tweaks)
- Slight improvements to the editor, but it still has a ways to go
- Slo-mo threshold was reduced, so you should see it more (slo-mo is enabled when you fling a ball while it's still moving)

We also added 2 new leaderboards (for Ep. 1 + 2) and one new achievement.

We also promise it will not take a whole extra year for Episode 3 (and full release) to arrive. We are well underway on that - current estimation is about 2-3 months.


-Miles @ Pixeljam

PS - The Linux version of Episode 2 is a bit behind and should be available within the week.. Cheap Golf Has Fully Launched!:
Hello Golfers,

Today marks the day we unleash SUSAN upon the world.

Today is the day CHEAP GOLF leaves Early Access!

The game should auto-update to version 1.0.97 (1.0.95 on Linux), and contain all 3 episodes. More are planned for 2019...

Thanks for the patience and support.

And if you feel like helping us boost the launch signal:

Take care,

-Miles @ Pixeljam

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