Believe us when we say CHAINEDTRACK THE DARK PRINCE is something different. Existing outside the confines of Hip-Hop’s structures and standards, this Virginian artist is paving a new lane for rap. One that merges the most fringe and alternative into the powerful realm of rhymes. In essence, that is “Love Kills.”, CHAINEDTRACK’s latest eight-track offering: a unique exploration of his unusual potential. So much can be pulled from this extended play. It hails to this post XXXtentacion-era, wherein the boundaries of Hip-Hop have been pushed. Honoring that expansion of possibility, CHAINEDTRACK slings acoustic folk, boom-bap, trap, piano ballads, and distorted acapellas across twelve minutes of runtime. All the while, this Virginia Beach native is spitting his heart out. From the banger “Isabella”, to tracks such as the riotous “She Told Me She Want To Slop!”, “No Peace”, “Isabella, My Dear Apologies”, and “I Guess There Are No Happy Endings For Those Who Have No Soul To Be Happy With.”, CHAINEDTRACK gives a slew of introspective and awe-inspiring lyrics. He speaks on heartbreak, depression, and the throws of going through everyday life; things the lot of us can relate to. Through that quality, “Love Kills.” makes a connection. A connection that gives artist like CHAINEDTRACK massive fanbases and followings. Such is in his future. So long as CHAINEDTRACK is creating this quality of music, while pushing the capacity of music entirely, he may very well be the next big thing.


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