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Original Title: Certain Prey

Genge: Action,Crime,Thriller



















































Minneapolis Deputy Police Chief, Lucas Davenport, has to face off against a duo unlike any he's ever encountered; a lethal hit woman and a ferociously cunning killer determined to hunt him down.
I came across this pretty much by accident. I don't get the channel that made this TV movie, and as a huge fan of Davenport/Sandford, I eventually went to great lengths to get a copy. By then I had seen the reviews and pictures here and they had lowered my expectations. In fact, I even waited a couple of weeks to view it. I think many of the complaints of this film come from the unmistakable fact that a TV movie will never be better than a Sandford novel, and even more so for an audience that enjoys reading.

I also think this is one of the real strengths of this film. Mark Harmon and company didn't try to give us our vision of Davenport, he gave us his. All of the characters in the film represent an image that is similar to the book series, but also unique, and the villains are exceptionally well played. In the end, it works well and stands on its own merits. I really enjoyed this TV version of Sandford and hope there are more. This is good TV. It seems many people hated this movie, but it is fairly obvious from the reviews that none of you have read the books. I thought Mark Harmon did an excellent job of portraying Lucas Davenport, and you can tell by his performance that he is a fan of the books. He really captured the world-weariness of Davenport without going over the top with the character's general bad-assery, and I would love to see him return in further "Prey" movies! As for the people who didn't approve of the fact that all of the characters seemed to be sleeping with one another, this movie is an adaptation of the tenth book in the series. There were nine other books spanning several years of plot that led up to the movie's various romantic entanglements. The producers and writers just did a really efficient job of summing up too much information into a believable plot.


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