Cargo Cult: Shoot'n'Loot VR Password

Cargo Cult: Shoot'n'Loot VR Password

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Title: Cargo Cult: Shoot'n'Loot VR
Genre: Action, Adventure
Panoramik Inc
Panoramik Inc
Release Date: 8 Dec, 2016


cargo cult shootnloot vr. cargo cult shootnloot vr

great fun , arcade style , great graphics .. Hard game. Would like the option to remove the big blue box.. This is an "on-rails wave shooter" set in a flying pirate steampunk ship. Enemies fly around 180 degrees in front of you and the VR environment is partially destructible. You collect coins from defeated enemies, chests, and destroyed environments/creatures. You spend those coins to upgrade your weapons or defenses or to heal. You start with only one weapon and one shield in each hand and you can also jump. The only powerup is a health kit you need to shoot first and also touch to get the healing effect. The graphics are great, if cartoonish. But they really fit well with the steampunk motif this game was going for. Enemies looked nice as well. The destructible enviroments were also well done. There's about 25 waves. And I believe there's three boss fights. The first boss is terribly easy. However, without upgrades, I doubt the average gamer can finish the game. But with just a few upgrades, the game becomes boringly easy. Game ran smoothly. Aiming seemed true (although there's a laser upgrade that'll make that even easier). My problem with the game is that the whole coin mechanism seemed like an artificial way to prolong the game. You will probably need these upgrades to finish the game, yet it takes quite a while before you get enough to get to the end unless you're very skilled. If you die, you will have to restart the level. Worst of all, once you get more than a few upgrades, it's just too easy. There's also just not a lot of content. I finished the game and even though there's more upgrades, including a rocket launcher I can unlock, I just don't want to play this game anymore. Why would I want to do the levels over again, being even more over-powered? This game has a price tag of $14.99 and that's just too much for this little content. Even on sale for $7.49 I would have a hard time justifying the price given how quickly you can beat the game. This is at most a $4.99 game. It's a close call, but I just can't recommend this game unless there's more updates. I would love to see co-op (would be fun for somebody to steer while somebody shoots. Or to have one peason on each side defending each side with maybe a stationary cannon needed for shooting down big enemies. Something to set this apart from much better wave shooters out there. Rate 4.5/10 close, but can't recommend at this price point. great fun , arcade style , great graphics .. I'm sure this is a good game but I just couldn't get into it. The game looked really cool and really fun but for me it just felt too 'meh', there wasn't really any wow factors to work from.

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