Capella flavored drops makes the perfect flavor

By adding your favorite flavored drop in plain tap water you can quench your thirst.

One more advantage of flavor concentrates is you can take it with you wherever you go and use anywhere anytime. Flavor drops for tea has 75 servings per 8 oz cup, thats only pennies a serving. There is no substitute for water. Makes any tea tastes better.

You can quench your thirst by drinking flavored water

Sodas, tea and coffee dehydrate us even though they are made up of water. Some people want their flavored teas on the subtle side, others like it bold. To reduce your calories the best alternative would be to drink flavored water instead of these high calorie beverages. Start with 2 drops and taste.

Like flavored water you can also have flavored tea. If its too subtle, start with 8 more oz of tea and use 3 drops. Repeat process until you get the perfect taste. Easy to carry and fun to use anytime anywhere. How to make your flavored tea? It is very simple.

People prefer this kind of water because they get a feeling of something substantial which they dont get from ordinary bottled water. Easy to carry and use anytime anywhere. Flavored water is a healthy alternative for healthy minded people.

Capella flavored drops makes the perfect flavored water each and every time.

Flavored water makes the perfect diet drink. You may be confused as to how can you make the perfect flavored tea. According to a magazine, nearly 71 percent of people consider water their favorite drink for summer. Pour 8 oz or 1 cup of tea into a cup. Drinking sufficient levels of water is important to both quench your thirst and keep you hydrated.Reasons to drink flavored water

Nowadays many consumers prefer flavored water instead of ordinary water

Flavored water makes plain drinking water easier and more fun. If you start with 12 oz and the perfect flavored drop for teas is 2 drops, you will need 3 drops for the perfect blended flavored tea.

Many people prefer flavored water for refreshment purpose, instead of sugar alternatives.

Trouble arises when paper soup bowls people get bored and dont drink another cup of water and therefore take in high calories like juices, soda or coffee and tea.

kraft paper cups Flavor drops contain natural sweeteners with 0 carbs, 0 calories and 0 fats. If you like apple flavored water in the morning, you can blend the flavored water however you choose. If your tea is strong, repeat the process with 8 oz of tea and start with 1 flavor drop

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