can not wear sunglasses for more than 4 hours.

Often the eyes are the most sensitive to help ultraviolet parts, if come across the sun, without any sun, then eyes will absorb a variety of wavelengths of ultraviolet light source, it will cause vision decline, ultraviolet rays cause pink eye symptoms. So can KO ULTRAVIOLET Sunglasses turned out, not only evolved into a stylish MM out of there are product, but also become a child's vision to protect the exterior weapon. But this has been given a great role in sunglasses, wearing children's eyesight after the drop.
Does it matter for children to wear sunglasses?
Wearing a degree, substandard sunglasses, not only will affect children's vision, but also can induce a number of eye diseases.
Wearing a degree of sunglasses will affect Replica Ray Bans
the child's vision, children may be blurred vision, or visual fatigue symptoms. In fact , the quality of substandard sunglasses, after wearing the child will cause vision loss.
Children dressed in substandard sunglasses, the undergraduate will be blocked because of the standard zoom lens becomes larger, so the light-weight flux into the eye raises. However , due to its ultraviolet projection than the visible light transmittance is high, so that child's eyes will be severely impaired, leading to keratitis and cataracts and other diseases.
Parents that will help their children choose sunglasses, one of the greatest choice of large, reliable excellent sunglasses. When selected, by using a straight line of reference as the standard, wearing glasses following slow moving position, if you think a straight line objects curled, then such sunglasses you should never give the child to wear.
The best way old can children dress in sunglasses
For children to wear eyewear, can not hold the mentality with playing, do not pick eyewear. In addition , if the outdoor environment is relatively high, it is recommended to let children to stay indoors, to patrol the eyes, to prevent heat up stroke. How big can kids wear sunglasses?
It is Aug, it is the peak travel time period, some parents will take the kids out to play, in order to prevent the glare, may give kids wearing sunglasses, may also need to feed the parents let the kids become more cool, they also to dress sunglasses.
But children underneath the age of 7 are not ideal for wearing sunglasses. 3-6 years old children is a critical amount of visual development, this time putting on sunglasses may affect visible clarity, it is recommended that moms and dads wait for their children after the age of 7 to wear sunglasses. In addition , the sun in the fierce outside, can not wear sunglasses for more than 4 hours.

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