Build-A-Lot 2: Town Of The Year Keygen Free Download

Build-A-Lot 2: Town Of The Year Keygen Free Download

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About This Game

It’s time to get busy again building, buying and selling houses in Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year! There are new towns to explore, new Mayors to meet and lots of money to be made as you cast your vote for the ‘Town of the Year’. Use your keen eye to pick the right locations to build parks and shops. Pick your paint colors, upgrades and landscaping to create the ultimate curb appeal and earn outstanding profits. How about a latte from the new coffee shop? Some new flower boxes from the garden center? It’s all waiting for you in Build-a-lot 2 ...welcome to the neighborhood!

  • Flip houses for big profits
  • Paint and landscape houses to increase curb appeal
  • Build fun parks to help beautify the neighborhood
  • Construct fancy shops and earn profit sharing
  • Cast your vote for Town of the Year in Campaign mode
  • Improve a neighborhood at your own pace in Casual mode

Title: Build-A-Lot 2: Town of the Year
Genre: Simulation
Hip Soft
Release Date: 29 Apr, 2008


Out of all the 'Build-A-Lot' games, 'Build-A-Lot 2: Town of the Year' is my favorite of the whole bunch. As a kid this was the 'Build-A-Lot' that really got me excited to continue and play this game over and over.

It should be said that most of the 'Build-A-Lot' sequels are more or less the same game with very minor differences to spice up the missions. If you had not played the first games, you play as a Real Estate Manager going around to different neighborhoods to improve them and complete all the goals on the agenda before time runs out. There are two modes; Career Mode where you complete goals and race against the clock and Casual Mode where you can relax and play at you own time.

The one thing that 'BAL2' has over the first game is the style. The graphics aren't super fancy, but everything is more futuristic, more colorful, and more upbeat as the plot has each town is competing for 'Town of the Year' of which you decide who wins. Elements such as painting houses and appeal of the neighborhood gives not only an aethetic flare, but also adds more multitasking along with all the other goals in the game.

Music is again top noch with relaxing tunes that are more upbeat with the atmosphere the game is trying to create. Favorite track this time around is the Menu Theme as ever since I was 7 years old, I've loved to hear that theme everytime I booted up the game.

As for the content; there are more levels than the previous game; (Up to 49 levels as opposed to the 41 levels from last game) No reward this time for getting 100% perfect this time around, bummer :(

Do I recommend BAL2? Hell yeah I do, but only if really really enjoyed the last game and really really want more to play. $10 is again a little steep, so I suggest buying the 'Build-A-Lot Pack' when it goes on sale or buy the game on 'Big Fish Games'.. This game and its predecessor are two very underappreciated games.

There is quite a bit of strategy involved to meet the different goals every level. Do you build-and-flip to get quick cash? Or build-and-rent for steady income? Do you acquire new properties or upgrade your current holdings? etc., etc.

This sequel's biggest addition is the concept of curb appeal. Certain improvements increase curb appeal, as well as neigboring installations like parks. Other buildings such as workships and oil rigs can decrease the curb appeal of neighbors. More often than not, your goal for a level will include increasing the appeal of the neighborhood overall.

Everything is so well balanced. In the early levels, it is fairly easy to reach the goal, but challenging to hit the super-clear time, while in the later levels it is challenging to reach the goal and very hard (but do-able) to hit the super-clear time. The abilities granted by buildings are useful, but not so overpowered that you find yourself building the same things on every level.

I picked up the first Build-A-Lot game years ago in a bargain bin at Micro Center and enjoyed it thoroughly. I was very surprised to find that three more had been released since then. This game is a lot of fun and well worth picking up in a seasonal sale, perhaps as a bundle with the other 3 games.

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