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About This Game

The world was plunged into chaos following an accident at a bio-weapon research facility. 100% of the earth's population has been infected. There is an antidote that blocks infection from the airborne strain of the virus, but the effect is temporary. This antidote has become the de facto currency of the new world. You have been informed that an enormous quantity of the antidote is being stored on the last floor of a bio-weapon lab.

Game Features:
  • An original mechanic for dealing damage to enemies
  • Four-bit graphics using the Game Boy's color pallet

Title: Bloody Walls
Genre: Action, Free to Play, Indie
L. Stotch
L. Stotch
Release Date: 28 Sep, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 800 MHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Hardware support WebGL - OpenGL 2.1 (GPU Memory - 256MB)
  • Storage: 127 MB available space


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Quick play of Bloody Walls:

Pros- pay what you wnat
looks nice
plenty of fun for an afternoon

Cons- Pretty simple
music levels are all over the place
controls aren't ver clear (Although that might just be me). I played this game because it was free. At first I liked it just point and click to shoot.Don't touch the zombies. Simple concept. The fact everything was slow was annoying but did not kill the game. Then the update came. It made the guy faster,reloading faster and the zombies faster. How much faster? Blink and you die. The game is now broken. Before the update I could make to floor 7 or 8. After the update I barely make it past floor 3. Why? The ony shot you can make is a headshot. The Zombies heads are tiny. The weapons do low damage and everything moves the speed of light. The dlc's are the same story. I did like the Music though but it gets repitive and the GameBoy graphics gives it a nice retro feel. It brings back my own memories of playing games on the gameboy. Why is this game so broken? Why is this game crap? Is winning even possible? Should I destroy my gameboy? Should I burn down a forrest?. Good game but too short. I love that mechanic of enemys & shooting. DLC's dosn't work and it's sad :(. Hope u will develop this game.. If u have a hour to spend, this is the game u want... maybe... insert text here). This game can be beaten fairly quickly. It is fairly simple but doesnt give much direction to what you are doing. If you are an intelligent being or at least have some deductive skills you can figure this game out. OH AND ALSO ITS FAIRLY EASY TO DIE.

8/10 for a quick laugh and some fun.. Replayability is zero. Was super short. Didn't bother to beat it. Got pretty close in one go. Tried a few times and kept getting wrecked at the last floor. Rinse repeat every time. Seems to be rng for what you get from npc's for delivering their quest item.
In summary, 30 or so minutes of fun and done.. Cool game
Lot's of fun when you want something quick. The objective is not clear in gameplay and the controls are janky.

Several DLC's are under way following gamers' requests. DLC: Bloody Walls: Hardcore (gameplay): DED - Full Release: Sad news.:
I regret to inform you that the release of Bloody Walls: The Darkness and HHH: Day of Judgment - PROMO has been finally canceled.
In the near future, the pages of these DLCs will be deleted.

But do not hurry to get upset. In 2019, fans of action games (Bloody Walls, DED), we will please the new game.
Subscribe to the publisher page.
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