As an individual with excellent individual combat ability

As a newcomer, their influence on the city is no longer limited to NHL 18 Coins  ice hockey. In the midst of the city’s suffering, they used victory to smooth out the wounds of the local people. With outstanding performance, they won time for the development of ice hockey in the region known as the “Hockey Desolation”.

Before the season, when the fans talked about Ovechikin and his capital team, "terrorism" is an unavoidable topic. As an individual with excellent individual combat ability, he can almost win any one in the league. The scorer's Russian player, who has played in the league for 13 seasons, has always been with the Stanley Cup, a trophy that symbolizes the highest honor in North American ice hockey. The fans are used to comparing the Russian King to the Golden Boy Crosby, especially since the defending of the Penguins in the past two years has crushed the morale of the Capitalist team. All of this has become history after the end of the season. Ovidkin and the Capitalists used their own efforts to deduce what it means to "move ahead."

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