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About This Game

There's something seriously wrong with the mansion that Reuben inherits from his late uncle. It used to be abandoned due to its owners constantly disappearing. It remained unowned for close to 100 years until Reuben's uncle, who dismissed the disappearances as silly rumours, decided to purchase the mansion and renovate it. He died many years later from natural causes, so it appeared that the disappearances were indeed just a rumour. As the new owner, Reuben decides to explore the mansion that he hasn't seen in years. He soon discovers a secret room that he never noticed when he was younger, and neither did his uncle. In it contains three life-like dolls who he accidentally awakens. Reuben finds himself stuck in a life or death game with two of the dolls trying to protect him and one of them trying to kill him.


He used to be close to his uncle and would spend a lot of time at the mansion, but never noticed anything peculiar at the time. Reuben initially finds all of the dolls terrifying, including the ones that are only trying to protect him.

She is one of the two dolls trying to protect him. Briar is the ruder of the two, not hesitating to lash out if someone does something stupid. Since she has constantly failed at protecting people, she's become a little pessimistic.

She's the more polite and friendly of the two dolls protecting Reuben. She quickly grows fond of him and believes that he will be the first person who manages to survive. Lottie is very curious about the changes to the mansion, having been asleep for the past 100 years.

A true killer doll. Adelaide was created solely for eliminating anyone in her sight when she wakes up. Unlike the other two dolls, her range of emotions is much more limited and she has to rest much longer than they do. In exchange, she can be much stronger than them.


• Visual novel with choices that affect the story
• Multiple Endings (two romance endings, one friendship ending and several bad endings)
• 3-5 hours of reading
• Writing by LegendEx 6d5b4406ea

Title: Artificial Mansion
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Release Date: 24 Apr, 2019


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Quite good for it's short length. I would like to learn more about Adelaide and perhaps some have some more content after the finale for Briar and Lottie.. After the first night I really enjoy this visual novel based game xD. One day the MC person Found out about His so called Mansion That he Now owned due to his Grandfather passing And He wanted to take good care of it. Little did the mc know Something or rather someone was not right He was checking the place out when all of sudden These Lifeless Dolls appeared out of Nowhere. There was Red and Beige Colored one And They wanted To Heed Waring To Him but he would not Listen. When finally the First day ended He was Told he has 5 Days to Survive Adline Attacks Before she was Finally defeated And the Mansion would be saved. Little did they all know The Psychopath Killer Showed Every Midnight and each time she Got Attacked she grew Stronger. The Red Haired Doll Had Fire Magic while The beige Doll had Healing Magic That Protected everyone. The 2 Dolls were born In nice Shop where kind person brought them to life with Magic Infused But The Killer one was Enveloped IN darkness and Nothing more. She would do Anything to see the dolls dead even if it means Crushing there skulls or Beating them to death. In All The Game was Amazing Short and sweet But good ^^ I would Def Recc this For people Who Like the Doll Aspect Story.

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