Ant Ash Introduces You to HimSelf, "The Ant Ash Experience", Dope Ass Music, And the Highly Anticipated Release Party June 7th In Columbus Ohio

   Ant Ash is a rapper from South Bronx who is currently residing in Ohio. Born into a musical family with his mother an R&B singer, father a drummer, sister and niece award winning dancers who have danced for the likes of Chris Brown and Rhianna; Ant Ash has possessed the skills and support needed to succeed in the entertainment industry since conception. Ant Ash has taken this background and his life experiences to blend his East Coast and Mid-West influences into his own unique style. Not only focused on the music but being an all-around entertainer, Ant Ash is influences not just by great musicians but passionate entertainers such as Jay-Z, P-Diddy, Michael Jackson, Kanye, 50-cent, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Jada Kiss, Styles P, Michael Jordan and Floyd Mayweather. 

   Known for making the hard decisions, one of Ant Ash’s hardest cross roads was his choice to give up College Basketball to pursue his music career as part of Edel Records (Paris, France). Though the label deal feel through due to a dispute between his producers and the label, Ant Ash took this as a lesson; learning his passion for music could not be extinguished and how to navigate the complex entertainment industry. Now focused on his solo project and performances, Ant Ash is ready to take on the music industry as one of the most talented artists coming out of Ohio. 

   Ant Ash’s most recent release “Versatility” has generated a strong buzz with industry professionals and fans alike. This project features superb lyrical content bedded into radio ready songs that possess catchy hooks and cutting edge production. This mixtape has helped Ant Ash increase his fan-base and made a name for himself in the Hip Hop music world. Keep an eye out for “Versatility Volume II” hosted by DJ Young Cee as well as some fresh new music videos coming out soon. For more information on Ant Ash check him out on his website 

The Ant Ash Experience" 
JUNE 7TH AT 9pm in Columbus Ohio.
Adv tickets soon to be available at
The introduction to the Ant Ash Experience Ep will begin in Columbus Ohio.
We will also be giving independent artist a chance to showcase their talents with opening act opportunities listed 
Below is link to show location of the event

Ant Ash Explaining "The Ant Ash Experience" and songs in detail

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