and how exactly does nexon profit with this particular model?

and how exactly does nexon profit with this particular model? simple. by charging for customizing how your character looks. when it ’s buying that cute winter beanie or those snapchat-looking summer shades, options limitless in giving players the ability to choose MS2 Mesos their physical destiny. they're able to literally be what they want?—?having blue or purple hair, wear bunny slippers while killing the last boss…u decide the principles. in player psychology, definitely the freedom to choose how they would like to look and identify themselves…that is a lot more empowering than in actual life, where it is possible to’t choose the hue of your respective eyes or how fair or tan your complexion is. in actual life, players can’t have grey skin and appear like a vampire and MapleStory 2 Gold cant resemble edward cullen. enhancements honestly make the overall game all the more compelling?—?making for an addicting experience

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