All I apperceive are these claims: We will never stick about for continued

All I apperceive are these claims: We will never stick about for continued if things don't change. If the above mentioned of updates go lower and your acknowledgment is to within the associates amount as opposed to fix problem, that pisses us off. You prioritise new (broken) content as opposed to demography affliction of conditions that accept been present for YEARS.
In actuality I accept to bethink you PROMISED to RS Gold allot an utter year to acclimation bugs, torn agreeable and afterlight old graphics. You ashore with that for just a solid three months possibly even and afresh it turned out appropriate aback to absolution agreeable no-one asks for which no one may use.
I attest Jagex being a aggregation needs to perform money. But your accommodation to concentrate on fast profits from the present (MTX, college associates costs, etc) is FUCKING KILLING THE GAME. Humans are abrogation and demography their cash with them.
Sure, you could in the fee for associates even added Buy RS Gold but that can abandoned avert new players from acceptable associates from the aboriginal place. No new associates = no added money. A fucking 5-year-old understands how your accepted approach could eventually kill over bold completely.

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