A Quiver Of Crows Ativador Download [serial Number]

A Quiver Of Crows Ativador Download [serial Number]

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About This Game

A difficult twin-stick shmup set in a grim world cursed by demons and ghouls.

Frantic Battles in a Grim World

  • Unlike most shmups, this world is made up of flesh, bones, and dirt instead of the common rigid objects such as ships set in space.
  • Each enemy type has a unique set of behaviors.
  • Most foes do not follow preset patterns. Instead, they try to hunt you down.
  • Some enemies fly in close for melee combat. Others will shoot from a far away range.

Co-op Twin-Stick Action

  • The game blends the insanity of shmups with the free range of motion of twin-stick shooters.
  • Find a friend. Find a couch. Have tons of fun with the optional single-screen couch co-op!

Upgradeable Weapons, Bombs, and Shields

  • Collect and enhance a variety of weapons. Influenced by traditional shmups, watch as your weapons’ firing trajectory and pattern change with each upgrade.
  • From heat seeking quills to things that go BOOM, collect them all and use them to crush your foes!
  • Upgrade your shields to withstand relentless attacks.

Play on Windows, Mac, & Linux

  • Best played with a twin-stick controller. Steer with the left stick, aim with the right.
  • Never fear! You can also use your keyboard and mouse.

Title: A Quiver of Crows
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 19 Oct, 2016


  • OS: Windows Vista
  • Processor: Dual-core 2.2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 / ATI Radeon 4870 HD / Intel HD 4600 / or equivalent with at least 512 MB VRAM
  • Storage: 250 MB available space


a quiver of crows review. a quiver of crows

Super hard but strangely addictive (when I don't rage-quit - lol). I highly recommend playing this with the xbox controller. Great way to improve your reflexes! Some pretty interesting worlds and atmosphere - always looking forward to the next level.. This game needs some reviews, so I want to do a 2-hour first impression. The art in this game is astoundingly well developed. It wordlessly creates a lot of ambience as you fly your way through abandoned playgrounds and discarded remnants of civilization as a new dawn approaches a terrible day...

You play a freaking bird with laser weapons. If you're still reading this, you want this game. It's hard. Quite hard, but it can be enjoyed in bursts of 10 minutes or a whole rage inducing hour. The controls are extremely tight, and the weapons and enemies are all interesting. My favorite are the basic enemies, which I call the "Dental Association" as they chomp me to bits.

If you're still deciding, don't mistake the vehemence of angry gamers for the markings of a genuinely bad product.. Postives:
Fantastic aesthetic.
Smooth controls.

No storyline other than STEAM game trailer.
Enemy corpses block projectiles & potentially weigh down player.
Limited number of recovery items for high respawn-rate of enemies.
Player required to backtrack to collect powerups hinders gameplay; annoying & useless.

game is worth 1\/3 to 1\/5 of its $15 price-tag. Fix the above issues & you'll have something worth selling at that price.. I have not spent a lot of time in the game, but it runs well on Linux which I apprechiate, and the art style is great. I do have to say that it is brutally hard. I am an old-school gamer and I don't expect to be hand fed a game, but if the first few levels are an indication this is for people who are willing to take some punishment. Co-op works great and I would recomend it as a way to even the score a bit.. I like this game. It is amazing . The ideas, the arts, the music are perfect .. As a creepy guy myself, i thouroughly enjoyed the design of this game. The enemies have such a unique character design and only get more intriguing as the game progresses. The levels are well thought out and have a magical feel as you get to explore them through the eyes of a crow.. Visually: it is great.
The controls are smoother and unlike any other twin-stick i have played.
But, there is just something about the enemies. they are challenging and provide entertainment, but just not the lasting entertainment that i would have thought this game capable of.

so, while i give it a thumbs up...it has really only just passed the barr.. Just awful.

A ceaseless onslaught of spawning enemies combined with zero hit-detection\/feedback and horrible physics, and flunked sound effects and pointless gameplay.
I'd be surprised if you log more than an hour of play before requesting a refund.

$15 dollars for this garbage? A shameless cash grab.

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