3 Dice Ceno Delivers Again And Again. Check Out This Fresh Artist Who Is Bringing Talent Back To Hip Hop


 Washington D.C. born and Miami raised is nothing more than information when its comes to recording artist 3 Dice Ceno.  Most rappers today have an adverse style. Nothing new and the same material recycled over and over. But not 3 Dice Ceno.


   3 Dice Ceno's style is so diverse it is almost impossible to pin point where the artist comes from. He delivers bar after bar of hardcore hip hop style truth. No autotune or mumbling. This artist is clean, clear and natural in all he does from sound to presentation. His music reminds you of a time hip hop musicians stood for Justice, Self-Consciousness and the music held a message.  Whether that message was having fun, survival or truth...there was a message embedded in the music.


    And 3 Dice Ceno takes us to that time again all while staying true to himself and his journey. The fact that he can add a taste of today in with it shows the difference of opinion in hip hop today is not a generational gap...it's a talent gap. Talent comes from all generations. And 3 Dice Ceno is a prime example of that. To every listener looking for something new and fresh, not just new..but recycled....get a load of 3 Dice Ceno. Embrace this young man's career as he embraces the true essence of hip hop. 

Check out some of 3 Dice Ceno's music today on Soundcloud


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