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Daniel Mignault and Scott Isbell "Enough of you" Single coming soon!

Daniel Mignault and Scott Isbell "Enough of you" Single coming soon! Be prepared for the hip new popping single soon to be released by the prince of pop and funk Scott Isbell. Daniel Mignault and Scott take center stage writing this song and putting it together for a memorable beat for all audiences…


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Scott Isbell is The Prince of Pop and Funk

With such a unique voice made for tremendous vocal range and capabilities rising star Scott Isbell is truly an icon in the making. With overwhelming amounts of support from fans, friends and family Scott continues his Journey to the top of his game with his hard dedication and work ethic. With those qualities be prepared for an amazing album  coming out soon and tons of singles made to blow you away!  

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DANIEL MIGNAULT and his New Novel Eighteen

February 24, 2016 – Dallas, TX, United States – While Sci-Fi has long been a staple of the literary world, most of the authors end up cobbling together a novel that barely cuts readers’ mustard. Thankfully, the state of Texas’s Daniel Mignault has stepped up to the plate with gusto, announcing the upcoming official worldwide launch of his diligently crafted debut novel ‘EIGHTEEN’ that will give the genre a new twist.

The process of creating this novel has been an…


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Isbell has performed at venues across the United States, including The MGM Grand, Hard Rock Cafés, Disney World, and Foxwoods Resort and Casino. An avid fan of professional wrestling, Isbell also performs at professional wrestling events alongside WWE superstars.

During the summer of 2014 and 2015, Isbell toured and opened for Wu-Tang Clan legend, Cappadonna, and other artists such as Spliff Star (Busta Rhymes), Ne-Yo, Inspectah Deck, Bricksquad, Young Dirty Bastard, and…


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Daniel Mignault Rising Social Media Star

Buckle up and Lock and load, remember this name “Daniel Mignault”! He is now one of the hottest and quickest rising social media stars. Taking a different path instead of the usual vlogger life he is making his claim to fame from being a young, sexually appealing author, writer and songwriter! Also being known for his acting and youtube personality, Daniel is unlike any other internet star having a entertainment background built of a King. Make sure to jump on board and don't…


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Scott Isbell and Daniel Mignault musical song lyric collab.

A Viral Musical star is cooking up some big things in the fire with a down south up and coming writer. This…


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Don Demenace Shocks With His Seven Day Project, "7 Day Theory"

The shocking album recorded and executive produced in seven days is here. Don Demenace took it upon himself to attempt this feat as inspired by Tupac's "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory". This makes it a busy 2017 for the Baltimore MC, as he released "Don The Menace" in February and a collaborative album with…

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Wu-Tang Mgmt's Scott Isbell to Perform Deploraball Inaugural Ball in DC

Wu-Tang Management's first ever signed pop/blue-eyed soul artist is set to perform the Deploraball this Thursday in Washington D.C. at the National Press Club.  With over a million Twitter followers, 450+ million Soundcloud plays, and worldwide press daily, Scott Isbell is quickly taking over the music world.  

It is rumored that Isbell will also make an appearance on Friday during President-Elect Trump's Inauguration.  

Isbell's biggest hit has been…


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iNTeLL Son of U-God Releases Prodigal Son Vol. 1

The Next Generation has awakened to return Shaolin to its Golden Glory. iNTeLL is The Future Spawned From a Legendary Past.

The Son of U-God from the Legendary Wu-Tang Clan is here…

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iNteLL, Son of U-God, to Release "Beautiful Intelligence" Feat Scott Isbell


A new generation of Wu-Tang is well in swing.  That is, iNteLL, son of Wu-Tang Clan's U-God and nephew to Method Man, is set to release a new single featuring blue-eyed soul pop artist Scott Isbell.  The single "Beautiful Intelligence" will make it's debut midnight EST tonight August 5th.  …


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Cappadonna's Pillage 2 Tour Starts Saturday!

Jimmy Kang, VP of Wu-Tang Management has confirmed via phone that Cappadonna's tour indeed starts this coming Saturday.

The tour will continue on throughout the Summer and then into the Fall.  Featuring new and old classics, Cappadonna will surely please his audiences as he always does.  Have any song requests? Use the hashtag #Pillage2Tour with your requested song(s)!…


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Wu-Tang Management's Scott Isbell Surpasses 160 MILLION Soundcloud Plays


Wu-Tang Management's pint-sized Blue-eyed soul/pop artist Scott Isbell has had an incredible year not only becoming viral around the world, but also has been interviewed and seen in Spin Magazine, USA Today, Boston Globe, This Is 50, and much more.  …


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