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Path of Exile - Changes in the mines and new stones of the "poison" killer

Next week, "evil" will come to action / RPG Path of Exile, mushroom growth, infect everything involved in their dispute, and because the courageous abandonment will save the fantasy world again, the developer decided to change some prototypes and should help the hero Spread the infection.

One of them will be the "poison" killer. He will have a new support stone that can increase speed and critical strike multiples, as well as a set of five skill…


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WoW Classic Race to World First Level 60

With the release of Classic, Nostalgia took over the players of World of Warcraft. The research will never stop, and now it has become a way for players to try to reach level 60 as soon as possible since 2006.

Many WoW Classic ribbons are now part of the competition, with the winner being the first player in the world to reach level 60 with any character in the game. It is the number one competition in the world because the WoW community likes to call it. In a way, we can say that…


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No, Square Enix hasn't thought of the sequel to Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 producer/director Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that there is no plan to make a sequel to the fans' favorite MMOs soon.

In an interview with the primary story writer Banri Oda, both developers told the German website Spieletipps that since Square Enix is ​​still working on the current game and the team still has content and updated ideas, there is no prospect of a sequel. Besides, perhaps when the player needs…


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The next update to Path of Exile will mix tower defense with fungal alchemy

Although few games have tried, the robbery action RPG and tower defense are two kinds of forced actions that destroy the mouse. But on September 6, Path of Exile is working with Blight, the "Union" expansion of the "Path of Exile" in the next quarter, and the famous free dungeon crawl of Grinding Gear Games. Like all previous leagues, Blight is a free update that brings new…


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Final Fantasy won't get a new MMO soon because FFXIV is doing very well

Since its reincarnation in 2013, "Final Fantasy XIV" has been on the rise, and since A Realm Reborn made its debut, a lot of new content has added during these years. Square Enix plans to continue along this path, and there are no plans to make another MMO for the Final Fantasy brand, or another sequel to FFXIV.

This based on Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Yoshida Naoki and lead author Banri Oda, who spoke to German Spieletipps during Gamescom this week. The two developers…


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Maplers are very happy! New Party Mission added to Maplestory M in Pathfinder: Hero Squadron Update

Nexon America's iconic global MMORPG MapleStory today announced its "Pathfinder: Hero Squadron" update. Due to the launch of the Pathfinder role class earlier this summer, the live game update on July 24th is full of much-anticipated content, including a new Party Quest, a new dungeon, Adventure Island mini-game and a beast animal trainer. Character creation.

In the Pathfinder: Hero Squadron update, players of level 61 and above can explore with friends in the New Ancient Ruins Party.…


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Path of Exile Blight Release Date: Tower Defense Comes to POE in New Alliance

Path of Exile Blight's release date is coming, which means another alliance, there will be some sweet POE Currency and spoils between next month and December. This new POE Alliance inspired by the type of tower defense and involves laying down structures to help you fight: see them as sensational medieval turrets. You will want to destroy the plague that appears in…


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Final Fantasy XV has sold a thousand copies on Steam

Final Fantasy XV premiered nearly annually, and a half following your PC first appeared on the PC, and it has now sold at least hundreds of copies on Steam, rendering it the second most widely used work on the platform's Final Fantasy series.

According to Twisted Voxel, according to SteamSpy's method of estimating users based on achievement data, SteamSpy's latest data puts Final Fantasy XV on Valve's storefront, with users ranging from 2 million to 2 million. As Twisted Voxel…


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MapleStory M introduces three new resource manager classes

MapleStory M is a free, massively multiplayer online mobile game for iOS and Android. It has received a new content update that brings a lot of new material to the player, including three new resource manager classes.

Starting today, players can investigate Maple World using three new unique browser characters. This includes the short thief Shadower character with daggers causing melee strikes, the utilization of "two-handed swords" and "hands axe" because primary weapon with the…


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Path of Exile PC full version download

Beginners should fully understand the gameplay, which is the perfect way to play games in a very good way.

Goal - The main purpose of the athlete is to collect all the different sticks needed. They can also use these balls to make bridges and different structures. Each type of sticky ball has unique properties that you don't usually forget.

Level - A total of 48 degrees to help you experience a precise and fun gaming experience. Players should collect…


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Final Fantasy XIV lasts a week of free sign-in after the release of Shadowbringers

Last month, Final Fantasy XIV received a new expansion, Shadowbringers. While the development has brought many players back into the game, Square Enix will host a free sign-on next week to attract inactive players to return to Final Fantasy XIV. This Final Fantasy XIV free sign-in activity lasted until August 16, 2019.

If you have purchased and registered your own game before, but have not played Final Fantasy XIV for at least the last 30 days, then you have the opportunity to dive…


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Nexon aims to achieve global magic through the upcoming MapleStory M

As an online game, Nexon's MapleStory looks a bit outdated in its 15th year. But the Tokyo-based company plans to make significant changes as it prepares to launch MapleStory 2 for PCs and MapleStory M for mobile devices.

It seems strange that Nexon invested a lot in its first franchise in 2003, but at its peak, Nexon had greater than 92 million MapleStory players during 2009. Since then, the listeners have shrunk dramatically, but Nexon continues to be updating the experience to…


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Path of Exile build: the best setting for dropping the enemy

What is the best Path of Exile build? Grinding Gear Games' passive skill tree has approximately 1,325 selectable gain effects, and these possibilities are endless. The variety does not stop there. Once you start the game, you will get seven courses, and then you can choose to focus on 19 unique classes, each with its unique skill tree. Oh, there are weapons and armor, so we don't need to use…


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Path of Exile Challenge: Exciting POE Legion

In addition to the Wraeclast update, Legion has added new projects. The most important of these is the POE Orbs: gesture skills that change the rules of the game. Think of them as a mana reserve skill with two modes to further influence other skills.

The most popular in this league is blood and sand. This skill has two poses, a bloody gesture, and a sand pose, and it affects…


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Final Fantasy 14's long base game story will be shortened to help new players

Final Fantasy 14: Developers of Shadowbringers are ready to discuss the latest extensions to the upcoming Patch 5.1. They revealed there that there are plans to adjust the central scene of A Realm Reborn and make it more compact.

The news revealed in the latest episode "live producer broadcast," and Final Fantasy 14 director Yoshida Naoki live broadcast to answer questions. One question is whether the level synchronization feature in the 5.0 subtasks will add to 4.x and older…


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Path of Exile announces the next expansion to arrive on August 20

Grinding Gear Games developers posted a short description on the Path of Exile website to let the community know what's going on. It is important to note that the team announced that the next expansion of the game would announce on August 20.

What can players get from expansion? Based on this article, players will find a new challenge alliance to improve old main content and system changes. The team is not ready to reveal all the details, but they suggest that the system changes base…


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The best dark knight Build in MapleStory M

The Dark Knight is among many different categories. It is possible to play in MapleStory M. Thriving in physical attacks, and this class has some incredible defenses and several powerful attacks that run beyond HP. Interestingly, this work includes some support tips which are very handy at parties. Having said that, if you are searching for a simple method to customize your character, Ayumilove shares a terrific Dark Knight version in Maple Story M.

Earlier in your career as a Dark…


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Final Fantasy 14 Moonfire Faire event now has limited time to live

Moonfire Faire, the final summer event of Final Fantasy XIV, is back for another year. The PS4 and PC are undergoing summer celebrations until August 26th, allowing players to complete particular time-limited tasks and get some exclusive summer-themed projects.

To participate in the Moonfire Faire, you need to reach at least level 30 and talk to Mayaru Moyaru on the upper deck of Limsa Lominsa to get started. As Square Enix said, "This year's event marks the return of the Eorzean…


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Path of Exile PS4 has been released, including synthetic extensions

Path of Exile is the action RPG before Diablo III. New Zealand-based Grinding Gear Games wants to take advantage of Diablo II's gaming experience and expand its core audience who likes this style of play. In the past few years, the game has achieved some success on the PC. Now more and more players are playing this game, and the number of players who purchase Path of Exile Currency…


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The next expansion of Path of Exile will release in September!

The Path of Exile launched today will continue to be played free of charge by a broad audience. The game entered the Xbox One in 2017 and began PlayStation 4 in 2019, announcing the next expansion date.

Since its release, the "Path of Exile," which is free to play around the world, continues to provide players with new and updated content. Updated content includes new game stories,…


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