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Groove with the Creative Rapping Flow of ‘Hard Body’ by O9S SCUDi 730

Hip-hop and rap always spreads an alluring feeling to the world. The positivity communicated by this genre can give you spiritual energy. O9S SCUDi 730 is one of the attractive names amongst the rappers of this generation. His creations are truly unique and will make you think over the lyrical value again and again.…


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Haydo Is an Innovative Artist Who Has Made The Song ‘On The Low’

Hip hop music is that kind of genre which has undergone many major changes and now it is one of the most stylish one. The major kind of technicality in this field will make you relaxed. The star named Haydo has come with his innovative song On the low. The song is pure with the use of stunning lyrics and great orchestral work. …


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‘I Glo’ By Real N3mo Is an Highly Magical Song And You Will Enjoy It

If you love listening to music then you will like the song I glo by Real N3mo. It is an interesting song and you will love to hear it. The startling kind of effectiveness and the maturity with which he has made the music will literally amaze you. “I glo” is an interesting song by Real N3mo and you will feel…


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‘Stackin Up’ By Thriving Rap Icon ET NevaChange is an Outstanding Track

Energy, flawless rapping and introspective lyrics are some of the qualities that describe the newcomer ET NevaChange on SoundCloud. He is a New Mexico native, the rising hotspot for underground hip hop music. ET NevaChange is a signed artist with Immortal Ambition and excels in array of underground hip hop styles. Rising rap star ET NevaChange is rocking the hip hop music gala with his singles. His latest track “…


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‘Stoic’ By PRAWFIT Is Delivering Funky and Bouncy Hip Hop and Rap Beats

Upcoming music artist PRAWFIT debuts his brand new track Stoic in the music industry. This multi-faceted artist from Ohio, United States, likes to express himself into various areas like skateboarding, photography, theatre and drama, filmmaking and writing. He has his own label Prawfit Interpretation. Brand new artist PRAWFIT’s new single…


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Multi-skilled Hip hop artist Paranoid Drops Exclusive Masterpieces for Fans

Hip hop and rap music has travelled a long way from where it has begun. It is known for its audacious nature that deals with various brutal realities using the tool of rapping. The main credit goes to the flamboyant breed of artists and rappers who are trying hard to take hip hop to the top in the contemporary era of world music. In this respect, SoundCloud needs a special mention for giving an opportunity to many new talents to share their tracks with fans globally.…


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Enjoy the Refreshing Energy Of MB 318’s Mind Boggling Rap ‘Deliver’

Hip-hop is the most favourite and popular genre in this world. The greatness of this genre has made it a big event to the world. Hip-hop fills up the solitude; it energizes human soul and also brings confidence in people’s lives. MB 318 is one of the most popular aspiring artists from this generation making inspiring tracks. His Soundcloud profile is full of mesmerizing raps. ‘…


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Super Artist Strvdegy Will Show You His Creative Style through His Song

Hip hop or rap music has one kind of attractiveness which will light up your mind. The creative technicality and the proper ensnare will take you to the world of beauty. The real essence and the projected kind of stimulation will give you energy. Strvdegy is an entertainer for making stylistic kind of song. The smooth finishing Strvdegy has showed will make you happy.…


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Tyler Melano’s “Perfect Season” Creates a Buzz in the Music Industry

Brand new independent artist Tyler Melano creates a sensation through his remarkable R&B soul musicality. This wonderful music artist’s songs are getting viral and streaming on the gala. His songs are a perfect mix of originality, artistic vision and creativity. His uniqueness and volatility of his music is unmatched. His music will take you by surprise and you will not be able to anticipate what is about to take place. The…


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Steez’s Incredible Musicality Will Get You Wild on the Dance Floor

The brand new artist Steez from the famous music band SinnerCliqueRec comes back in the spotlight through his latest single 1818 (Intro). If you are a hip and rap music fan, then you have come to the right place. His music is phenomenal as well as exciting. He combines his epic signature style, attitude in his music. He…


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‘On the low’ composed by Haydo is a perfect song for every season

Hip hop music is an astonishing genre which has different kind of vibe that will give you good thrust. The great hip hop singer Haydo will turn your day into a smashing one. The great kind of mood he has made with his song will take you to the world of beauty. You must hear his song On the low on SoundCloud. The perfect flow and the ecstatic rhythm will get…


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DJ Pavel Keeps on Proving His Excellence on EDM Music on SoundCloud

Atlanta based entrepreneur cum EDM sensation Pavel Stuchlik is all set with the grand release of his EDM album “Tran//Cen//Dance”. This time he goes far and beyond his level to celebrate the release party of his long awaited project Tran//Cen//Dance. Pavel selects the most happening venue in Atlanta The Gold Room, the lavish night club in Atlanta to offer the attendees the best experience powered with his EDM sound experience. He calls it Noa Movement…


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Rising Star Real N3mo Has Fused Excellent Hip Hop Beats In ‘I GLO’

Real N3mo, the rising singer in hip hop and rap genre, has always dreamt to release the most uplifting music for every music enthusiast. This rapper is truly creative and his vocal performance will surely drive your mood. I GLO – the new creation of this artist has mesmerized his fans and followers. This track…


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‘NoaMovement Volume 9 from Opera’ by Noa Aon will give you perfect energy

Where words fail to portray anything, music speaks everything. Music is all time love for every people. The songs styled by Noa Aon are really enjoyable and lovely. Whatever is said about the star will be less for the kind of work he has done. The therapeutic music Dj has been influential for the people of every country especially Czech Republican people. He has recently showed his working…


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Orange is Streaming with Excellent Rhythmic Approach

Orange is a Mexican music producer who believes in creating some unique rhythmic fusions. Well, this amateur music creator is pro in releasing electronic music. He has already catered a good number of audiences who are willing to stay tuned to this young guy. If you have ever tried to soothe your mind by listening to some ear-soothing musical prowess, then Orange is the…


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‘Bruce Wayne’ By Kanino Is Delivering Amazing Hip Hop and Rap Blends

Kanino’s newly released single “Bruce Wayne (feat. Noah Scharf)” presents you with revolutionary hip hop and rap blends. This multi-talented artist from Sydney, Australia has blurred the lines of two different music genres and has created a musical masterpiece. He has been creating music from the year of 2008. He has been in the music and entertainment energy for quite some time. …


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Listen to the fresh new hip hop and rap songs by Trea$ure Hill

To enjoy mind-blowing hip hop and rap music, embrace the songs by Trea$ure Hill. This musician and rapper create an ever-evolving series of ideas and stories for fans to enjoy. His music leaves fans with a trippy experience, that when paired with the music video results in a superb and captivating musicality. The detail of the music is creative, unstoppable and deep with mellow…


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Smashondatrak Goes Global With His Latest Release ‘Magical Wonderland’

Brand new music artist Smashondatrak makes his grand debut in the music industry through his latest music track Magical Wonderland”. He is from Los Angeles, United States.  He has experience in working with a variety of music genres like EDM, hip hop and rap and rhythm and blues soul music. He has been writing and mixing his own songs for ten…


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OY’s Sear-Soothing Music ‘Do You Remember....?’ is Hooking Loads of Audiences

If listening to crazy hip hop beats has always been your favourite past time, then tune into OY. The tracks released by this new singer are wonderfully synchronized with the beats. The rhythmic approach of the singer in his new single ‘Do You Remember....?’ has truly mesmerized the fans. OY drops amazing tracks for his worldwide hip hop fans. His new released single ‘…


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Mike Nauti will make you enjoy life with his “Kirko Bangz- Drink in my cup”

The music stars always think what to do next after they have done something wrong. But Mike Nauti is one such artist whom you cannot forget. His confidence and the approach towards making music will clear away all your doubts about him. He has struggled and has made his name renowned.…


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